Whether you are an athlete or not if you love to exercise that is you love to run or jog then you must love Hoka. Hoka is an athletic shoe manufacturing industry that revolutionized how we see shoes forever. It is a French company that specialises in making shoes for athletes or shoes that are used for exercises like running, jogging and so on.


Hoka is a company that was first known as a shoe manufacturing company producing oversized soles. Fast-forward to today they are known for so much more. Their brand and products are everywhere and have changed how shoes are made Forever. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the company. So I bring to you everything you need to know about the French shoe manufacturing company Hoka.


It is an athletic shoe manufacturing company as I have just mentioned above which is based in France. They design shoes that are solely for running and other forms of exercise with lots of comforts when being used. This brand gain its attention and attraction from shifting the focus of traditionally made running shoes to the ones with oversized outsoles.

Shoes manufactured by this company have oversized outsoles as a result of the extra cushion they put in making the shoes. This was in direct contrast to the minimalist shoes that were in production right around the time this company Sprang to fame in 2009. Since then the company has been one of the best companies making shoes for athletes and essentially anybody that loves exercise.

Hoka Shoes – Shoes Hoka

The goal of the Hoka shoe company is to inspire people to move their bodies by exercising. To do this the company has to have a rethinking of the way shoes are made. Hoka shoes are not just designed just for athletes they are designed with a specific focus in mind. This is because they are designed with a problem-solving aspiration to meet the running, walking, fitness, and outdoor needs of all kinds of movers.

The company’s focus is to keep on making use of bold and unexpected approaches to empower athletes of all levels to feel like they can really fly. Running shoes is the number one category of gear that both athletes and runners make use of. These shoes provide enough cushioning in them something rough terrains and portray the sense of flying even when climbing mountains.

Hoka One

The Hoka company used to be called Hoka one from the time it launched in 2009. However, in 2021 the company officially dropped the One One from the name going with only Hoka. Since then the company is now only known as Hoka providing shoes for athletes making them feel as if they are flying when they are running.

The shoes are inspired by the smooth ride of mountain bikes and powder skis. Which made the founders want to bring a similar floating feel to people that are on their feet. Mermoud and Diard decided to start making prototypes to actualize their dream. They made the prototype themselves and also worked with a Chinese chemist to help synthesise the EVA foam used in the shoes.

Hoka Shoes Men 

This shoe brand makes different shoes for men such as Hoka running shoes, hiking shoes, walking shoes, orthopaedic shoes, spikes, gym and training shoes, sandals and so on. Hoka Mens Shoes also make Apparel for men such as Tops, Bottoms, Socks, Outerwear and accessories.

Hoka Shoes for Women

Just like the brand makes shoes for men so do they also make for women. They also make exactly the kind of shoe they produce for men for women. They make in different shoe sizes and also colors so one has no reason not to purchase a Hoka shoe.

Who makes Hoka Shoes?

Hoka shoes were founded in 2009 after going against the minimalist trends that were gaining popularity during that period. The shoes are made for both low-profile and max-cushion shoes for road, trail, and all-terrain; throughout its product line. They also retain some of the best show features that most show companies do not have such as low weight-to-cushion ratio and midsole and outsole geometry.

The company was founded in 2009 just as we had said in Annecy in France however it is based in Richmond, California. The company has its headquarters in Goleta California. The founders are Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard who were former Salomon employees, in 2009. When they sort to make a shoe that is different from the conventional minimalist shoes that were popular at that time.

Hoka Sign up

If you are just hearing about this company for the first this might be because you are used to shoes that are not made for athletes. We don’t need to talk about how important the Hoka shoes are we have already done that time without a number on this article. Now it’s time for us to look at how we would be able to use this website and purchase items.

If you want to buy shoes directly from the company you need to have an account with the company. The website www.hoka.com acts as an e-commerce store where you can purchase these shoes. But to purchase any of these shoes you need an account. To save your shopping information so that you can continuously make use of the site you must have an account.

How to create a Hoka Account

  • Launch any browser on your device.
  • Using the browser head over to hoka.com.
  • Now tap to accept cookies or not
  • Select your country and also select your language.
  • Now tap on visit.
  • Tap on the shopping cart icon.
  • Now click on login.
  • Tap on create an account.
  • Enter all the details required of you and then click on create an account.

How to log in to your Hoka Account  – Hoka Login

To login your account follow the Below procedure as you have seen them:

  • Use any browser and head over to www.hoka.com.
  • Select your country and language and click on accept.
  • Tap on the shopping cart icon.
  • Click on login.
  • Now enter your username and password.
  • Tap on login.

If you follow these steps correctly you would be redirected to your account from there you can make purchases and check your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HOKA owned by Nike?

No Hoka is not owed by Nike although the company was purchased by deckers brand on April 12 2013.

What is so special about Hoka shoes?

These shoes are so special than any other show because they are made with Extra Cushing that absorbs and also adds comfort to the show. The company made these shoes with one thing in mind making people wearing them feel as if they are flying.


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