The Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers is a funding opportunity for documentary filmmakers. The fund is aimed at supporting the production and post-production of feature-length documentaries that tell compelling stories and have the potential to reach a global audience. The application deadline for the fund is January 5, 2024.

Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers
Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers

Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers

A fund specifically designated for filmmakers who reside and work in Africa is called the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund (HDBID). The fund provides funding for the creation and production of documentaries that are feature- or broadcast-length.

Every year, between four and ten initiatives are granted funding. Every application that is accepted will also be considered for a mentorship program.

To support the next generation of African documentary talent and provide additional opportunities for African documentarians to share their experiences, the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund was established.

Grant for the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers

  • Up to 100% of the development expenditure may be covered by the $10,000 development grant.
  • Up to $40,000 in production grants: The award may cover up to 50% of the total production cost.
  • A year-long mentorship program led by international mentors will be extended to up to five funded projects. The program includes participation in Hot Docs and Durban Film Mart/Durban International Film Festival, year-round mentorship from seasoned documentary professionals, and access to a private digital filmmaker lab. In the past, these fellowships supported accreditation for certain foreign marketplaces and festivals, as well as round-trip airfare and lodging.
  • Grant for a short documentary: Unless the applicant specifies otherwise, all eligible projects submitted to the HDBID fund will also be taken into consideration for the New York Times Op-Docs short documentary. Op-Docs are brief, opportunistic documentaries about current events, modern living, and historical topics that are created by independent filmmakers with a lot of creative freedom. This has no bearing on your application to the HDBID Fund, either now or in the future. It is possible to obtain funding from the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund in addition to Op-Docs, or none at all.

Eligibility for the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers

The applicant must:

  • Produce the project and own the majority of the rights.
  • Possess a production company registered in a country on the African continent that is involved in the project.

In any situation, the producer and director need to:

  • Own citizenship or lawful permanent residence, and spend most of their time living and working in Africa.
  • Possess a minimum of one prior professional credit in their record.
  • By the application deadline, maintain a current account with Hot Docs.

The project must:

  • Be filmed and produced in Africa.
  • Be a top-notch feature film or an hour-long documentary that is aired to audiences both domestically and abroad (fiction, television shows, and student projects are not accepted).
  • As of April 2024, be it in development, production, or post-production. Projects that will be finished by Hot Docs 2024 will not be considered by the fund.

Eligibility for re-application:

  • Regardless of whether the development fund application was approved or denied, a project may apply to the development fund first and then, at a later date, submit to the production fund.
  • Projects that are submitted but do not win financing may only be submitted once more in a different fund stream. Resubmission requests need to be made in writing. A project may receive a direct invitation to resubmit from the selection committee in certain cases.

Application for the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2024 for Filmmakers

Before the deadline, the online application must be completed in English. There isn’t a fee for applying. Every document that Hot Docs receives is private.

Application Deadline: January 5, 2024.


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