Hotmail news? Uh? Sounds kind of shady right? Well, this is no façade as Hotmail news is pretty real and legit. One might think that Hotmail is all about emails, and emailing company developed by Microsoft and all. Well just like yahoo, I am here to tell you today that this platform is much more than that.

Hotmail News

And just like yahoo news, Hotmail has got its own news portal and platform. and guess what? This Hotmail news portal is as fabulous as the Hotmail platform itself. Personally, this platform has been my number one source of news since I came about it. If you haven’t visited this platform, then I think it is high time you do. The Hotmail news can also be referred to as MSN. This is a news platform powered and developed by Microsoft something you should have known by now.


Hotmail News

Do you know the current stand of the world in the matter of the novel coronavirus pandemic? Well if you don’t know, I do. Are you surprised how I got to know about this very vital information and you don’t? Well, I got a little secret for you and guess what it is? My tiny little secret is Hotmail. Well, this news platform has been keeping me in the loop on the happening all around the world, news related. Just like the name implies, this news platform is really hot and has got everything to keep you updated on everything you need to know.

Well, you might be wondering as to the importance of this news platform. Why is this platform special? Is it that it has something that hasn’t been seen before? Well, these questions and so many more have been asked about Hotmail news and this is what I have to say. Hotmail news is not the first news platform in the world.

And one cannot say that it is the best, but here is something. Hotmail is one of the best news platforms, there I said it. One important aspect that makes me love this news platform is the fact that all the news on the platform is current.

As soon as the news hits the ground, you are updated immediately by this platform. The news shared on this platform is curbed from reliable sources. Therefore you shouldn’t have the fear of getting the wrong information. Pieces of information updated on the Hotmail news platform have been vetted by the necessary parties. One other reason I love this news platform is that they share news in various categories as they don’t just focus on one category.

Hotmail News Categories

Just as I made mention in the latter paragraph, there are various news categories on this platform, and in a bit, I will be mentioning them to you. Some of the categories you will get news from on this platform are;

  • Sports.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Business.
  • Videos.
  • Politics.
  • Entertainment.
  • Tech and science.

These are just about the categories that you will get news updates on. The updates on this platform are not just based on a region alone as it covers all regions of the world. As long as the news is genuine and worth sharing you will get it here. To get access to this news platform, go to MSN News.

Microsoft Hotmail Sign In

You don’t necessarily need to be a registered user of this platform in order to get news updates. But if on the other hand, you have an account with the platform, you get to enjoy some added perks. For one, you get notified about certain news updates as they unfold all across the globe.

If you don’t have an account with the platform, you can sign up here. On this page, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions and provide the necessary information needed. If however you already have an account, all you need to do is to sign in to your said account by clicking on the sign-in button at the top right corner of the page.


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