How Can You Get an Immigration Lawyer? An immigration lawyer specializes in dealing with issues relating to immigration, such as obtaining visas, contesting citizenship denials, and matters regarding citizenship denials.

How Can You Get an Immigration Lawyer?
How Can You Get an Immigration Lawyer?

How Can You Get an Immigration Lawyer?

Additionally, you must assist clients with their immigration paperwork, move their enterprises abroad, and explain the procedures needed to become citizens or lawful permanent residents of the US.

Who is an Immigration Lawyer?

Legal matters regarding immigration, such as naturalization and visa extensions, are handled by immigration lawyers who specialize in these matters. They need to keep up with the latest laws and rules, many of which are enacted by the federal government. Immigration attorneys may open their own practice or work for a company.

They could decide to specialize in helping immigrants from a certain country or region in order to become specialists in that field. The chart below provides a summary of the details you need to be aware of when filling out this field.

Some Common Cases that can be handled by an Immigration Lawyer

The ideal thing for you to know about these instances is that they are some of the more frequent ones that an immigration lawyer handles.

  • Green card-based employment opportunities and student visas
  • Application for a return after deportation;
  • criminal proceedings;
  • immigration application denial;
  • deportation and removal procedures;
  • short-term work permits;

How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

Here are six steps you can take to begin working as a licensed immigration attorney:

  • Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is required.

When first enrolling in law school, prospective attorneys should complete a bachelor’s degree. Any concentration is appropriate for your bachelor’s degree, yet some are more advantageous for getting into law school since they give you useful skills and knowledge that can advance your legal career.

History, English, philosophy, political science, economics, and international studies are a few of the courses you must take in your undergraduate program if you want to practice immigration law.

  • Next, earn a J.D.

You should enroll in law school to obtain an attorney’s license after receiving your bachelor’s degree. If you have the option, it is advisable to choose an immigration law specialty or specialization to better prepare yourself for your future career. This will give you extra industry experience, which will be helpful once you have gotten your law license, even though it isn’t strictly required.

  • You must have practical experience.

Gaining real-world experience is essential both while you are in school and after you graduate because many employers look for it when employing new staff. Look for internships, volunteer opportunities, and part-time jobs whenever it’s possible that will expose you to anything associated with your field of expertise.

Even though having legal experience of any kind is advantageous, prospective clients and employers could prefer an understanding of immigration law.

  • You should improve your abilities.

While working and studying, make time to develop your skills. Along with the skills that all successful lawyers utilize, immigration lawyers also need to focus on a unique set of skills. All lawyers employ the following abilities: Reading, writing, public speaking, analytical thinking, and problem-solving are additional immigration law-related abilities to focus on. Active listening, learning additional languages, and knowledge of social media are additional choices.

  • Earn your diploma.

It is not necessary to obtain credentials in order to practice immigration law, but they may make you appear more acceptable to clients, especially in some jurisdictions. For instance, specializations in immigration law are now available through several bar associations in California, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. You can demonstrate your proficiency in immigration law to potential clients by completing one of their certification tests.

  • The last step is to assemble all of your clients.

After completing your coursework and passing the state bar test, the final stage is to find your first customers. You can start out as a sole practitioner with a focus on immigration law or you can join an established legal firm that already provides this service. Joining a reputable law firm gives you access to a network of supporters and the opportunity to start working with clients right away.

How do I find an Immigration Lawyer?

These are some steps you need to take to identify and select the best immigration lawyer.

  • Ask for assistance with immigration lawyers’ referrals.

Any country where you have relocated unquestionably has a reputable association of attorneys. Because of this, their websites must offer reference services for immigration lawyers. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), for example, offers honest assessments of each of those lawyers. You can choose the ideal lawyer for your case with the help of this situation.

  • Search online for immigration attorneys.

By searching online for immigration lawyers, you might get a long list of professionals. Contrary to popular belief, because the media never forgets, one can never truly escape its glare. As a result, you would have internet access to all the supporting documentation you require.

  • Consult a guide to immigration law.

This is a simpler technique for narrowing your search. If you simply need to find a lawyer in your area, a lawyer directory might be helpful. Each lawyer who works in that area is profiled briefly in the document. You don’t need to hunt for people who live in farther-flung locations because hiring them would cost more money.

  • Make contact with the lawyers you’ve chosen.

Once you have focused your search, the next step is to send emails or make phone calls. When calling or emailing, keep your conversations brief. Tell them who you are and why you need their help. Find out if they also handle the precise immigration issue you have, just to be sure.

  • Interview every one of them.

Make plans to meet with them as soon as you get in touch. whether it is virtual or not. You can ask questions regarding their knowledge, services, offerings, costs, and other relevant subjects here. You should definitely schedule a face-to-face meeting with the attorneys. This may enable you to assess the lawyer’s suitability for you.

  • Examine the service agreement.

The final and most crucial step in selecting an immigration lawyer you can trust is this: It is important to read and comprehend the service agreement. A skilled immigration attorney will give you a legally binding written list of all the work they will complete for you, along with the fees and charges related to it. Before continuing, confirm whether there is a consultation cost. If both parties decide to move forward, find out whether the consultation cost will be a set sum or paid hourly. Find out if there are any extra costs.


Before selecting a reliable source for information on how to find an immigration attorney, you should be able to respond to the following questions:

Which age is ideal for an Immigration Lawyer?

The idea that most people should immigrate before they reach 30 or even in their early 20s, just after finishing any further education, is a widespread one. At this age, it’s likely that you’re unmarried and don’t have any financial or familial obligations.

What does a Nigerian immigration lawyer go by?

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is the name of the government agency in charge of overseeing migration in Nigeria.

What distinguishes immigration lawyers from emigration lawyers?

The word immigrant is used to describe the country into which someone migrated. The country from which the individual traveled is indicated by the term “emigrant.” Emigrants are people who have left their home country, and immigrants are those who have moved to a new country.

Is age a factor in immigration?

The age difference doesn’t matter to many couples or to us. It’s intriguing to learn about how different people experience love. The only thing you need to do to get immigration is show them that your age doesn’t matter to you and that you have a lot of shared interests.


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