How Long Does a Car Insurance Claim Take? One of the most frequently asked questions in insurance is the length of time that a claim takes to get settled by the insurance company. So many people are asking how long a car insurance claim takes because they are in a haste to get their car fixed. You are not alone if you are asking these questions because there are thousands of people asking the same questions that you are asking.

How Long Does a Car Insurance Claim Take?

The good news is that you have come to the right article and all day we are going to be doing our possible best to answer it correctly. As usual, we are going to be using all the questions to answer the main questions. Because answering the smaller questions gives us the answer to the main question, why did you come to this article in the first place?

How Long Does a Car Insurance Claim Take?

Going straight to the point, it is basically about 30 days that most states allow a car insurance claim to process before the company approves it. The insurance company must acknowledge that you have filed an insurance claim within 30 days, and then they have at least another 30 days to pay out claims. That being said, the timeframe is totally different from state to state.

As a result of the statute of limitation in your state, the time frame that it will take your insurance company to pay might be different from others. That being said, there are other factors that affect the time frame for paying out insurance claim settlements. For us to take a look at that and understand it, let us first take a look at the type of car insurance claims.

Types of Car Insurance Claim

The type of car insurance claim you have finally determined the exact length and amount of time it will take for your claim to be settled. If you are asking how long an auto insurance claim takes to settle, then you should be asking yourself what type of claim you are filing. Depending on the circumstances and coverage, the duration is different. There are basically two types of car insurance claims, which are listed below:

Claims that take less time to receive a settlement

All the examples of claims that take less time to receive settlement are listed below:

  • Glass replacement
  • Roadside assistance

Claims that take more time to receive a settlement

Above are the types of claims that it’ll take time or not take time to get settled. If you just fall within any of these, then you know the category you belong in.

What are the factors that delay a claim?

There are several factors that might delay your claim after it has been filed. Some of the factors can come from you and others from the part of the insurance company. All the factors that can delay your claim are listed below:

  • Errors and miscommunication lead to false or inaccurate information.
  • Customers can also cause a claim to take place by disputing it.
  • Filing a claim to fix damages from a natural disaster can also cause your settlement to take time.

How to Avoid Delays in Your Auto Insurance Claim

Anyone who does not want their car insurance claim to take a long time should follow the steps below. To avoid delays in the insurance claims process, consider the following before filing your claim:

  • You need to provide evidence as soon as you file your claim so that the insurance company can go into investigation immediately.
  • The insurance laws in your state will allow you to know if your insurance company is taking longer than usual to pay your settlement.
  • Finally, do not be afraid to reach out to your insurance company to get an update about your claim from time to time.

What to do if your Car Insurance Claim is taking too long

There is only one thing that you can do if your insurance company is taking too long to pay out your claim settlement on your auto insurance. That is, simply contact your insurance adjuster and ask them why their claim is taking so long and how you can assist. It also helps to note down the deadline by which your state specifies your car insurance must be paid to notify your insurer.

How to file a Car Insurance Claim

First of all, after an accident has happened, you need to call the police to get them involved. After that, you need to exchange information with the other drivers involved in the accident and then gather evidence. Once you are done with gallery evidence, it is now time to get your insurance company involved. Pick up the phone to contact the insurance company, informing them about the accident and that you want to file a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a car insurance claim take to settle?

The time a car insurance claim takes to settle is entirely determined by the type of insurance claim you are filing. And also the amount of evidence that you have provided for the company to carry out their investigation. Basically, it takes from a few weeks to months to settle your car insurance claim.

When should you file a car insurance claim?

You should file one when there is a bodily injury to any of the people that are involved in the accident. If you are also offered, you should definitely find a car insurance claim to fix all the damages.

When should you not file a car insurance claim?

There are several situations where you should not bother filing a car insurance claim, like when the amount of damage is minimal. Also, if your deductible is more than the amount of damage done to your car, If you are at fault and there is no damage to any other property, we should not also file a car insurance claim.

When will the car insurance company not pay out?

One of the reasons why a car insurance company might not pay your claim is if the accident happened before you got your car insurance. Your claim I also be designed if there is not enough proof to support it.


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