How Long is Funimation Free Trial? Is the question of how long the Funimation free trial is on your mind? If so, yes, this platform is still available, providing you with some wonderful features. You may evaluate the quality of Funimation’s streaming service by signing up for the company’s free trial.

How Long is Funimation Free Trial?
How Long is Funimation Free Trial?

This platform offers a free trial with a premium account in addition to a conventional free trial. So, if you would like to try before you buy the subscription, keep reading.

How Long is Funimation Free Trial?

For those who enjoy anime on Funimation, there is excellent news. Regardless of their location or chosen plan, new customers may get a free trial. This platform’s free trials are available, providing some wonderful features to its subscribers. The free trial is for 14 days and unlocks access to all the premium features of Funimation, including subbed and dubbed versions of episodes as they are released.

Users of the Funimation free trial have access to the most recent and well-liked animes in both the dubbed and subtitled versions for 14 days. Fourteen days is a long time for customers to gain a sense of what the premium account offers them and decide if they want the premium features or not. Users have the option to either continue with the free account once the free trial has ended or select one of the many other plans.

Users who sign up for a free account have very limited access and frequently have their access blocked. They may get a sense of what to expect if they purchase the premium memberships by utilizing the free trial. Users with a premium subscription can access the whole Funimation catalog, which includes both classic and contemporary anime films.

How to Get a Funimation Free Trial

New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial on the website or app. To continue with the subscription trial, you will be required to have a Facebook account or create one if one already exists. Then choose one of its payment options. Visit the company’s website and follow the steps here to join up and take advantage of the platform’s free trial:

  • First, go to the website by clicking here.
  • Second, in the premium plus plan section, select the “start my free trial” option that is highlighted in red.
  • Third, by selecting Start your free trial, a window allowing you to establish a Funimation account will open.
  • Fourth, create an account if you do not already have one and type in your payment information.

After clicking on the option “start subscription,” you can watch anime for up to 14 days with the platform’s free trial. Take note that you will be asked for your payment details to set up your plan. Remember, if you do not subscribe before your free trial ends, the platform will ask for payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Funimation have a free trial period?

Enjoy at least two weeks of ad-free viewing and total access to the Funimation app and website’s collection. Maybe even offline streaming. However, take care after the two-week free trial period. You will need to pay for the selected service.

How do I sign up for Funimation’s 14-day free trial?

New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial on the Funimation website or app. To continue with the subscription trial, you will be required to register for a Facebook account or create one already existing, and choose one of its payment options.

What is the price of Funimation?

A portion of this platform’s video library is available for free with advertisements in 1080p. You will need to sign up for one of three membership options to get the full experience. Premium offers two concurrent streams in addition to the full collection of subtitles and dubs for $5.99 a month.

How Long Do Crunchyroll’s Free Trials Last?

Members of Crunchyroll are given a 14-day trial period. You must register on their website and select the appropriate membership plan to acquire this. On the Crunchyroll website, select “Try free premium and click Start a 14-day free trial after selecting the membership package you like.

Is Funimation better than Funimation?

Compared to Funimation, Crunchyroll does provide more material. The key distinction between the two services is that whereas Funimation exclusively offers anime, Crunchyroll offers anime, TV episodes, and movies. Together with the dubs, the former also contains originals, making Crunchyroll’s collection a sizable one.

How can I bypass the Funimation trial period?

To begin your premium membership, click the option that says “Skip the trial and pay now”. An acknowledgment window opens. Verify that you wish to skip the trial. Once your credit card has been charged, your paid membership will start.


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