How Long is the Average Car? Do you wish to know the length of a car? It’s important to know the length of a vehicle, because it’s one of the factors considered before constructing different facilities, such as roads and parking lots.

How Long is the Average Car?

Every vehicle class has a different average length and measurements. However, to get the average size of a car, you should get as many lengths as possible and determine the mean size of a vehicle

How Long is the Average Car?

Coming to the key focus of this content, the standard length of cars and trucks ranges from 10-feet to 18-feet. But over the years, car sizes have increased and decreased because of consumer demand and regional concerns.

Take, for example, if you reside in the rural farm area, definitely you are likely to find large trucks that can run up to 18-feet than small coupes that can get as short as 10-feet.

Average Car Length by Type

Here you will find a list of car classes and their average length. I believe you already have an idea of the various types of cars and that you know each one’s basic size. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it will give you a good comparison chart that you can follow.

Take note that fa Keep in mind that various factors affect car lengths like modifications and customizations.

Size Class (Length in Feet)

  • Mini Cars: 10.5
  • Small Car: 13.
  • Mid-Sized: 14.8
  • Full-Sized: 15.7
  • Small SUV: 14.4
  • Large SUV: 16.7
  • Small Pickup: 16.3
  • Large Pickup: 18.4

To be more practical, how does one find out the length of a car? Read below

Some Reasons you might want to Know your Car Length

I believe by now you already have a better understanding of car length. Now, let’s look into, how you can find your car’s exact length. Further, there are various reasons you might want this information, they’re;

  • It could be that you are calculating gas mileage for a road trip
  • Want to sell your car
  • Planning a move and need to think about parking space
  • Maybe even towing or shipping costs.

No matter what the reason is, there are some basic ways to find out the length of your car.

How to Know How Long a Car is

Below are different ways to know your car length;

VIN Decoder

The easiest way to get the exact length of your vehicle is by using a VIN decoder. All you need to do is merely enter a VIN decoder into a web browser. However, are several free ones available.

So, when you enter your Vehicle Identification Number into the VIN decoder, it will give you the results. How to find your VIN? Your VIN is printed on your registration, your insurance paperwork, the driver’s side dashboard of your vehicle, and on the driver’s side doorpost.

Online Autoshop

Any online auto shop will be able to tell you the length of your vehicle. Simply input your license plate number. The results will populate for your specific car. You will be able to look up the dimensions of your vehicle along with all kinds of other information. This is a fast and useful way to find out the length of your car.

Measuring Tape

If your vehicle was modified with aftermarket parts, this could affect the length. In such a case, you can measure your car by hand. For example, if a different bumper was added to your vehicle, it may be longer or shorter than the result you will get from the VIN decoder.

So, just get a yardstick or tape measure. Then measure underneath to get the most accurate and easy reading.


With the contents provided above, I believe you now know how to find out the length of your car. With the methods listed above, you are good to go, especially If you have specific needs for the measurement, like commercial or parking measurements.

So the VIN decoder method is for factory standards, the online auto shop is for your car’s listings, and the manual measurements are for accuracy and aftermarket modifications.


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