How Long to File an Insurance Claim? If you are not clear on the period of time you have to file your car insurance claim, then you are on the right track. You need to be able to find your car insurance claim within the given timeframe or else risk not having a settlement. How long to file an insurance claim is what you need to know so that you do not risk your claim being declined or denied.

How Long to File an Insurance Claim?

Therefore, in this article today I am going to be showing you everything you need to know about the length of time you have before you can file your car insurance claim. So that your claim does not get denied, I will be showing you the general time frame and also the state time frame for filing claims.

How Long to File an Insurance Claim?

Filing a car insurance claim is a daunting task, not an easy one. Sometimes it can seem to take forever before the claim is paid, while other times it seems to get paid easily. There are certain factors that determine the length of time before a car insurance claim is settled. However, if an accident has occurred, you have a finite amount of time before filing the claim.

How Long do you Have to File a Claim in your State?

The length of time you have to file a claim is totally dependent on your state. This is because each state has their own time frame or statute of limitation that affects when you can file your claim. The amount of time you have to file your claim is totally different from the time it takes for your claim to be settled.

In many states where there is a statute of limitation, if you exceed it before filing your claim, it will be denied by your insurance company. You know that the amount of time that the state imposes on you to file your claim is between 1 and 6 years. If you do not file your claim within this timeframe after an accident, you are definitely going to get turned down.

When to File an Insurance Claim

Now that you know exactly how long you have to find your car insurance claim, let’s see when you should file it and when you shouldn’t file it. Just like Shakespeare said, to be or not to be, that is the question. It is a general rule that if the damage you inure in an accident is less than your deductible, you should not bother filing a claim. But there are other situations where you need to file a claim, and they are listed below:

  • When somebody was injured in an accident, Whether you, the other driver, or a passenger, you need to file a claim.
  • If it is not who is at fault or who caused the accident, you should definitely file an insurance claim.
  • In a case of a total loss or you can’t afford to pay for the damage, then it is over to your insurance company to do so.

Should I wait to make a Personal Injury Claim?

In some cases where people are involved in an accident that results in a personal injury, it is definitely important to wait for some time before filing a claim. The reason for this is that some of the symptoms of being in an accident can take a week to manifest. In light of this, you should definitely take some time to find a claim after an accident where there is a personal injury. You should wait to file your claim if you have any of the following injuries:

Should I make a property damage claim?

Just like having an accident where you have head trauma can have delayed symptoms, a car accident can also have damage that cannot be detected immediately. Some of the things that do not show up immediately after a car accident are suspension or alignment issues, exhaust issues, and more. All of these issues can go unnoticed for weeks before the driver eventually knows that something is wrong. In this case, you can definitely wait for some weeks before filing your claim.

What to expect after filing an Insurance Claim

After filing your claim, it is simply a waiting game as the company sends an adjuster to properly investigate the claim. When the adjuster is done taking a look at the plane and the investigation, then a settlement amount is presented to you. If you accept the settlement amount, then your claim will be paid to you. If you’re not, you can keep on negotiating with the adjuster for worthy compensation.

What are the Factors that Delay a Claim?

One of the major factors that delay a claim is presenting the wrong evidence. Also, when there is poor communication between you and your insurance company, your claim can be delayed. If you also understand your coverage, you might keep on arguing with the adjuster about things that are not covered by your insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Timing of a Claim

What if my policy’s window to file a claim is shorter than my state law?

It is within the right of your insurance company to set a time limit for filing your claim, which might be totally different from your state law. If you think this is unfair, all you have to do is simply report it to your state insurance department or take it up with the insurance company yourself.

How long should I wait before filing a claim?

If there is no injury, you should definitely file your claim immediately so that the investigation can take place and your settlement can be paid to fix the damage. However, if there are damages or injuries that take time to present, we can simply take a few weeks to file your claim.

Should I file a claim while I’m still in the hospital?

If you and your doctors have totally determined that the extent of your injuries are totally accounted for, then you can simply file your claim. You have indicated that you have not been able to deter mind all the injuries you have. You should simply hold off until you do so.

What happens to my insurance premium rates after making an insurance claim?

The short answer is that they are definitely going to go up. They are also likely to go up whether you file a claim or not so if there is any damage or any other person is involved in an accident you should definitely file a claim.


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