How Many Profiles Can You Have on Disney Plus? Creating multiple profiles on your streaming account doesn’t just help keep your watchlist separate. It can stop other users from messing with your recommendation algorithm. Prime Video and Hulu only allow for up to six profiles, while the ever-popular Netflix allows for five max. HBO services do not offer a separate profile feature and only limit users by the number of registered devices attached to their account.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on Disney Plus?
How Many Profiles Can You Have on Disney Plus?

But Disney Plus currently grants subscribers the ability to create up to seven separate profiles under the same account. You can make changes to these profiles at any time, whether you choose to do so on your desktop or mobile device. Once you’ve created the maximum number of profiles on Disney Plus, the option to add another one will vanish. You can, however, use the edit feature to delete accounts you’ve already made, returning the option to add another profile.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on Disney Plus?

You can create profiles on Disney+, which is a way to separate everyone who uses your account. Viewing history, watchlist, parental controls, and other settings are all contained in a profile. You can have up to seven profiles on a single Disney+ account. This means that while you could have seven people sharing a Disney+ account (or technically more if multiple people use the same profile), only four of them can stream simultaneously.

The primary profile is the account holder’s, and you can’t change that one, unfortunately. But beyond that, you can set up multiple profiles for family and friends, so they can watch what they like and get recommendations for more of the same. Parents with little ones will find this function especially useful. A special kid-friendly profile allows access only to Disney’s PG-rated cartoons, movies, and TV programs. For more information on adding new profiles and deleting old ones, visit the Disney Plus website.

Keep in mind that though you can have seven profiles, all seven people can’t watch at once on different devices. Only four devices can be used per account at any one time.

How to Create a Disney Plus Profile on a Browser

  • Go to the Disney Plus website.
  • Click the My Profile icon in the top right.
  • Select Add Profile.
  • Choose an icon or skip this step.
  • Name your profile.
  • Click or tap the blue “Save” option to complete the process.

How Do I Create a Disney Plus Profile on a Mobile Device?

  • Open the Disney Plus app.
  • If you are logging in, do so and then click the Add Profile (+) icon.
  • If you are already logged in, tap your profile icon in the bottom right of the lower menu and select Edit Profiles.
  • Tap on the profile you’d like to edit.
  • Use the text box underneath your profile avatar to update your nickname.
  • Tap the pencil icon on your avatar to select a new profile icon.
  • Press Save to confirm the changes.

How Do I Add Someone to My Disney Plus Account?

First off, you need to be a paying Disney Plus member. You can check out everything a subscription offers in our Disney Plus price guide and the best deals available, though—spoiler alert—there’s no longer a Disney Plus free trial. Then, you can create up to seven user profiles. Each one maintains the individual’s viewing history, produces a line-up of recommended titles based on this, and lets them create their own unique watchlist.

Setting up a personalized profile for a child, partner, parent, or friend is easy. Just follow the instructions provided below:

  • Sign in to your Disney Plus account.
  • Click on your avatar.
  • Select ‘Edit Profiles.
  • Click on the “+” ‘Add Profile’ icon.
  • Pick an avatar.
  • Enter a name for the profile and then select Save.”


How Many People Can Watch Disney+ At Once?

With a single Disney+ account, you can watch on up to four devices simultaneously. If you try to stream on a fifth device, you’ll see error code 75, which explains that the device limit has been reached. There is one way around its limits, but it requires some forward-thinking. You can download Disney+ content for offline viewing.

Watching something offline doesn’t count towards the four-device limit. Instead, you can download the same title on up to 10 devices. As long as you have enough storage space, connect to the internet every 30 days, and remain subscribed, you can watch your downloads with no impact on the four simultaneous streams.

Is there a profile limit for Disney Plus?

Yes. There is a limit of seven profiles per Disney Plus account. This can be a bit confusing since the device limit is four; the key is to remember that just because you have a lot of people in your household, you can still only watch on a maximum of four devices at the same time.

Is there a device limit for Disney Plus?

Yes. You can stream to four separate devices simultaneously, but any more than that will trigger error code 75. To clear the code, stop streaming on the extra devices. Devices can be any combination of televisions, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, or computers.

They can also be located anywhere. Whether or not they are in the same house or in four different locations across the country doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not they are being used under the same account at the same time.


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