How Much Is Disney Plus? Disney Plus is Disney’s answer to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but with a difference. It’s the exclusive home to shows and movies from the studio, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic in Europe.

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How Much Is Disney Plus?

You can also get access to Star Wars, a collection of content for more mature viewers. People often ask, How much is Disney Plus? Well, here is everything you need to know about Disney Plus, including prices and more.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney + is a video streaming service. You can access it on multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and set-top boxes. It costs a monthly fee for complete access. Disney + is Disney’s flagship, on-demand streaming service.

As one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, Disney owns some of the most well-known entertainment brands, spanning from Disney-branded films and TV shows to “Star Wars” and Lucasfilm content, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and shows from 20th Century Fox, including “The Simpsons”.

The service became an immediate success after it debuted in November 2019, signing up millions of subscribers in its first months. The service was designed as a place to stream Disney’s premiere content via smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and other streaming devices.

It differs from services like Netflix or Hulu in that it doesn’t license much content from other film or TV studios. Instead, most Disney + films and TV shows fall under the Disney banner.

It’s a very big banner, though, so the service breaks up its programming into multiple sub-platforms. Along with a section for Disney feature films and TV shows, you’ll find sections for Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic, which was acquired in Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox in 2017.

How Much Is Disney Plus Monthly?

Disney + costs $7.99 a month for ad-supported streaming or $10.99 a month for ad-free playback. Members gain access to the full Disney Plus lineup of movies and shows, including original series like Secret Invasion, blockbuster movies like Avatar: The Way of Water, and upcoming shows like Ahsoka and season two of Loki.

Among the best streaming services on the market, Disney + is also one of the most affordable options available. Its ad-free plan is cheaper than premium options from Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock, and Netflix. This could change, however, as a Disney Plus price increase is planned for later this year.

But members can lock in the current Disney Plus price for 12 months by purchasing an annual plan now, and the service also offers discounts if you sign up for the Disney Plus Bundle with Hulu and ESPN Plus.

Disney Plus Subscription and Bundle Pricing

Here are the various subscription and bundle pricing options for Disney +:

. Disney Plus Basic: For $7.99 per month, you can stream Disney + (with ads).

. Disney Plus Premium: This plan costs $10.99 per month and $109.99 per year. With this plan, you can stream Disney Plus (no ads), download Disney + content to watch, and use the Group Watch feature. You can also get Dolby Atmos support.

. Disney Bundle Duo Basic: For $9.99 per month, you can access Disney Plus (with ads) and Hulu (with ads). This plan is only available to new Disney + subscribers and new or existing Hulu subscribers. Existing Disney Plus subscribers are not eligible.

. Disney Bundle Trio Basic: For $12.99 per month, you get Disney Plus (with ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN Plus (with ads).

. Disney Bundle Trio Premium: For $19.99 per month, subscribers have access to Disney Plus (no ads), Hulu (no ads), and ESPN Plus (with ads). They can also download content.

. Legacy Disney Bundle: This plan will increase from $13.99 per month to $14.99 per month. With this plan, you can stream Disney Plus (no ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN Plus (with ads). Users can also download content to watch. This plan is no longer available to purchase or switch to, but existing subscribers on it before December 7, 2022, can keep the plan.

What’s included in the regular monthly price?

Disney+ + includes the entire catalog of TV shows and movies in its monthly price plan. Unlike Amazon Prime Video, which includes some shows and movies for free but charges a rental fee for others, you’ll get everything included in your Disney + membership. Unlike Netflix, which charges extra for HD content and allows you to watch on more than one device at a time, Disney + allows you to stream in HD as standard on as many as four different devices.

That makes it ideal for families who watch in separate rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Devices Can You Watch Disney + On?

Four devices can use the same Disney account at the same time. That means the kids can watch different shows on their tablets while the parents kick back with a movie in the living room.

While only four can be watched at once, you can have seven profiles associated with one Disney+ account. This allows you to configure parental controls for little ones or keep your watching habits from affecting your housemate’s recommendations.

How much does Disney + cost where I am?

Disney + prices and plans vary from country to country. If you don’t see your country listed here or want to find out more about other plans available, head to the Disney + website to find out more and sign up!

. US – from $7.99 a month

. UK – from £7.99 a month

. Europe – from €8.99 a month

. Canada – from $11.99 a month

. Australia – from $13.99 a month

. New Zealand – from $14.99 a month

. South Africa – from R119 a month

. Philippines – from ₱159 a month

. Malaysia – from RM 54.90 for 3 months

. Japan – from ¥990

Does Disney + have a free trial?

Unfortunately, there is currently no Disney + free trial, and there hasn’t been for some time. Upon launch, you could get a 7-day free trial in the US, with the same offering available in international markets a few months later. However, this disappeared a good six months after its launch, with Japan being the last known country to have any kind of free trial period.

Instead, your best bet is the $7.99-a-month Disney + Basic plan, or the Disney + and Hulu bundle for $9.99 a month if you’re in the US. Alternatively, get 12 months for the price of 10 in international markets.


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