How Much is Showmax? Do you want to know how much Showmax is? If you do, this article is for you. This is a video-on-demand platform for streaming movies, television shows, documentaries, sports, and kid-friendly content. You can use the platform’s app or watch online at For phones, tablets, smart TVs, media players, and gaming consoles.

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To watch on this platform, you should know the price of the subscriptions. Because that’s all you need: a subscription and a device that can connect to the internet to watch Showmax. For more information, keep reading.

How Much is Showmax?

Showmax is available in four different subscription plans, each customized to fit your needs and interests. These consist of comprehensive packages that work with various platforms and a less expensive mobile-only version accessible on smartphones and tablets.

There are pro versions as well, which include more live programming like live sports and news. In Africa, all four plans are accessible. For obvious reasons, Showmax Pro and its mobile-only subscription are unavailable outside Africa. Here are the four Showmax subscription plans, together with their costs and the nations in which they are offered:

Showmax Standard

You can stream and download thousands of local and foreign series, movies, and children’s programs with the Showmax standard package. It functions mainly as a video-on-demand service with a few local news coverages and a live stream of a few well-known reality programs, including BBtitians, BBnaija, and BBMzansi.

With support for up to five registered devices, this membership plan provides HD viewing. With this membership plan, you can watch Show Max on your Windows and Mac computers, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles. You should be aware that even though you can register up to five devices, you can only view two of them at once. You have the option of downloading or streaming for later offline viewing.

In South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda. Showmax costs 99 ZAR, 2900 NGN, 760 KES, 22.99 GHC, and 30,300 UGX a month, respectively. In the rest of Africa, the subscription costs $7.99, while outside of Africa, it costs $8.99. This package has a 50% discount for DStv customers.

Moreover, a 14-day trial period is free. DStv Premium subscribers can access this plan without charge. Anywhere that it is offered, you can access this plan.

Showmax Pro

Only members in Africa have access to the live TV and video-on-demand subscription bundle known as Showmax Pro. It was introduced on July 7, 2020. It includes all of the current TV series, movies, and entertainment on the normal plan, as well as music channels, news, and live sports streaming from SuperSport.

The premium version of the normal Showmax subscription is called Showmax Pro. Live sports are available on Showmax Pro, including all Premier League games, the UEFA Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, PSL games, the FA Cup, motorsports, cycling, gymnastics, and the biggest marathons in the world. In addition to live sports, there are additional side attractions like magazines, presentations, sports, documentaries, and current sporting highlights.

Although you can only stream on two devices at once, you can register up to five devices, just like with the standard membership plan. In South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. The Pro costs 449 ZAR, 6300 NGN, 119.99 GHC, 67,200 UGX, and 2100 KES a month, respectively. This plan does not offer a risk-free trial period; other than in Africa, this plan is not accessible.

Showmax Mobile

Similar to the normal edition, the mobile platform is designed for mobile devices. It is a restricted edition, a more economical streaming service for tablets and smartphones. The same movies, TV shows, and kids’s shows are available in the normal edition. The restriction is that you can only register and stream on one device with Showmax Mobile, and that device must be either a smartphone or tablet.

In South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, the mobile platform has monthly prices of 39 ZAR, 1200 NGN, 16.99 GHC, 11,499 UGX, and 300 KES. In the remainder of Africa, the cost is $2.99; outside of Africa, it is $4.49. Moreover, a 14-day trial period is free, and every Showmax country offers Showmax Pro.

Showmax Pro Mobile

In terms of restrictions, the Pro Mobile is comparable to Showmax Mobile. Only one smartphone or tablet may be registered and used to stream content. However, the Pro is more comparable to the Pro in terms of substance. You may watch movies, TV shows, kids’ programs, live sports, and TV series online.

In South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, the pro costs 225 ZAR, 3200 NGN, 59.99 GHC, 33,600 UGX, and 1050 KES a month, respectively. In the remainder of Africa, the cost is $8.99. This plan does not provide a risk-free trial period. Outside of Africa, this subscription package is not accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is less expensive? Netflix or Showmax?

The monthly membership rate for Netflix is R199, which is R100 cheaper than Showmax Pro’s and R500 less than DStv Premium’s. Netflix provides roughly three times as much as Showmax and more than four times as much as DStv Catchup in terms of on-demand programming.

Is Showmax superior to Netflix?

Compared to Showmax, Netflix is more widespread and offers a wider selection of media. Additionally, it allows users to establish many profiles on a single account and provides personalized suggestions based on watching history.

How can Showmax be used outside of Nigeria?

You must connect to a VPN in order to view when traveling overseas. Not just in Africa but in dozens of other nations as well, it is accessible. However, you won’t find it, for instance, in the US or Canada.

Who is Showmax Nigeria’s owner?

On August 19, 2015, a streaming video-on-demand service, debuted in South Africa. Its largest shareholder is Multichoice, a subsidiary of Naspers that holds a 30.86% interest in Tencent.

Can I share my account?

Two registered devices may be used to view at once; they are referred to as active devices. Plans for Mobile and Pro Mobile You may register one active device on your account. The registered device may be changed up to eight times per year.

How can I subscribe to Showmax South Africa?

Take part. It is quick and easy; you just need to visit and sign up using your email address. Then create a password and choose a payment method. For example, a debit or credit card, a check card, PayPal, or vouchers


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