Have you been thinking of How to Become an Advertiser on Pinterest? There is just no doubt that Pinterest has emerged as a powerful and effective social platform. Do you know one amazing fact?

Brands and businesses need such a platform to promote and expand their reach. In addition to the growing base, social reach, and media sharing features, we have also seen that Pinterest has got advertising abilities for brands. It could help to strengthen your business’ reach and impact.

How to Become an Advertiser on Pinterest

How to Become an Advertiser on Pinterest

Imagine being able to combine the force of search engine and social media advertising; which is the ability to have your adverts displayed to people who need your products and services. Going through this article, you definitely would love to know How to Become an Advertiser on Pinterest! In the year 2018, this social media platform, Pinterest, reported that over 200 million people were active users of its platform monthly.

The year-to-year growth of this social network is a great medium for business owners to advertise their products and services. It has become a vital channel to reach your potential customers. Not just that! You also get to be a touchpoint when it comes to your customer marketing funnel.

Apart from the platform allowing you to reach millions of its users (pinners), Pinterest ads (advertisements) give you the chance to achieve your business goals. Whether you need brand awareness, sales, brand reach, generate leads, or other objects, Pinterest advertising should help! You should know just How to Become an Advertiser on Pinterest.

Advertising on Pinterest

How to Become an Advertiser on Pinterest? Stay right on this article. Pinterest is a social network that has more focus on publishing and distributing images. Pinners are able to attach and pin images and even short videos to their boards. A post made to this social platform is known as a Pin. Users (Pinners) are able to like, share, save, and comment on pins (Pinterest posts).

Using this platform to the fullest, you are now able to advertise your brand, products, and services. There are millions of people on this social network, and so you can get your brand right in front of them; how? There are 5 main types of Pinterest advertising formats. Let’s check out a list.

  • Promoted Pins
  • Promoted Video Pins
  • One-tap Pins
  • Promoted App Pins
  • Cinematic Pins

You could choose any of these campaign types based on your business goals and objectives.

Pinterest Ads

In this part of our article, we will be explaining the above Pinterest advertising formats.

Promoted Pins

This is a standard Pinterest advertising format. The basis for this is the regular and normal pin, which you have already posted. Once you turn this into a promoted post (pin), it will not only be viewed by your subscribers. It will also be seen by users who do not yet subscribe to your account.

Promoted Video Pins

A promoted video pin refers to a video that serves as an advert. These forms of pins help to improve your reach and visibility. You should note that a nice video is able to attract so much attention. This Pin can be up to 30 minutes long. However, for a promoted video, the recommended duration has to be up to 15 to 45 seconds long. But, note that, a long video can only make sense when it has got a high-quality content.

One-tap Pins

The One-tap pin Pinterest advertising format is similar to the promoted pin advert. However, this is a special feature that becomes clearly visible and understood when clicked. Rather than viewing an enlarged pin view, the user is directed to the advertiser’s website.

Promoted App Pins

This is designed for people who would love to advertise an app. Whether it is an Android or iOS app, you are just good to go! By clicking on this advert, they can download and install the app directly.

Cinematic Pins

This Pinterest advertising format makes use of video ads but this does not support autoplay. A cinematic pin actually consists of a short clip, which is played when users scroll over the video in their feed. It is similar to the video pin. This form of Pinterest advertising is mostly for brands or personal branding.

How to Advertise on Pinterest

If you are set to advertise on Pinterest using your business account, check out the steps below.

  • Get a Pinterest business account on http://pinterest.com/business/create/.
  • Install the Pinterest Tag, which helps to tag the actions of people.
  • Begin your campaign on https://ads.pinterest.com/.
  • Once you get here, you have to select your main aim for running the advert; campaign goal.
  • Choose your campaign budget and amount.
  • Create an ad group.
  • Select the target audience, which are the people you want to advertise to.
  • Make a choice on your ad placement, which are the places you want to advertise on.
  • Add your interests and keywords to help expand the targeting.
  • Set up your budget, schedule, and duration for the advert.
  • Tailor and design your ads for optimization and delivery.
  • Determine your pacing.
  • Select your promoted pin.
  • From here, you can monitor the advert’s performance.

This is how it works!


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