How to Boost Black Friday Deals with Facebook Business Page

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Do you want to learn how to boost your Black Friday deals with a Facebook business page? Well, this is the right article for you.

In this article, I would be showing you just how you can increase your Black Friday or even Cyber Monday deals with the Facebook business page.

How to Boost Black Friday Deals with Facebook Business Page

Before we begin, note that some of the strategies would come at a price. In fact, this is a general tip to increase any holiday deals you have coming for you.

Holiday deals are some of the best opportunities that drive sales around the world. With that being said, how do you take advantage of this tool?

How to Boost Black Friday Deals with Facebook Business Page

Like I said before, I would be showing you some of the tips to boost your sales on almost every sales holiday. Holidays are always a good time to connect with customers around.

You can easily increase the sales or traffic of your website or shop if you make ads that connect with the consumer. Now, I would be showing you five useful tips to boost your sales on every holiday.

5 Tips to Dominate on Each Holiday

Before we go on any adventure, the first thing that comes to our mind is planning. Planning is a very essential part of any mission you decide to have. Here are the hacks I use ion boosting my holiday deals;

  • Plan ahead.
  • Schedule page posts for both key times and dates.
  • Attract last-minute buyers.
  • Start your advertisement early.
  • Offer free shipping.

What do I mean by these five tips? Well, let’s dive into that right now.

Plan Ahead

Like I said earlier, you have to plan ahead. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide you are going to have a holiday adventure. I mean these things take time.

Planning months even before the holiday would give you so much confidence and put you way ahead of the competition.

The reason for this is that people are thinking of what to do each moment when you already have your plans lined up.

Schedule Page Posts for Both Key Time and Date

If you have followed the previous step which is planning, then this shouldn’t be a difficult one. Posting specific posts and at specific times should always be part of your holiday sales-boosting sales.

When scheduling your posts, it is also advised that you used a very presentable and click-worthy image. Most people just use a random image because they think people would like it.

Attract Last-Minute Buyers

Last-minute buyers aren’t always an easy thing to get. Despite this, you can make a ton of sales from this strategy.

You should really consider sharing daily posts before the festive period comes. You should also promote these posts so that they get to the right viewer.

Start your Advertisement Early

Advertising seems to be a really popular thing nowadays. This is simply because those with money want to take the easy way out.

You should ensure that your ad is quickly approved by simply meeting up with the Facebook advertising policies.

Offer Free Shipping

You may think that this is totally worthless but it is actually what a lot of businesses are doing. Free shipping is what most people hunt for on an eCommerce website.

Totally removing the shipping fee can attract a lot of buyers more than you ever thought. With that being said, you should fully be prepared for every holiday you are going to come across as an entrepreneur or a salesperson.

I hope you take advantage of all these tips to boost your holiday deals. Boosting you black Friday deals can be done with a Facebook business page using Facebook advertising.


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