How To Build A Healthcare App Like Headspace? Do you want to build a healthcare app but you don’t know how to go about it? If yes, this article will guide you on the procedure.

How To Build A Healthcare App Like Headspace
How To Build A Healthcare App Like Headspace

The more the number of mHealth users increases there must be the high demand for healthcare mobile app development.

How To Build A Healthcare App Like Headspace

Building a medical startup will require a deep analysis of ideas, trends, and development steps. If you are wondering how to get these steps, don’t worry, this Write-up is embedded with a detailed plan on the healthcare mobile app development process. Before going into the development process, find out what the healthcare app is about.

What Is A Healthcare App?

The mHealth apps simplify lives by tracking health data, ensuring remote assistance, giving 24/7 access to doctors, sharing tips on improving your health, and more. Generally, the purpose depends on the app category you choose. If you are searching for healthcare app Developers, It’s important to mind the categories as you need to provide them with input data.

Professional Healthcare Apps

Professional healthcare applications involve doctors. Thus, every app used as a mediator in communication and treatment processes between the patient and the doctor is called a professional. Apps like DrChrono, Medscape, and Locus Clinician are good examples of professional mHealth apps.

Healthcare Apps For Patients

This category of app normally does not require doctors’ involvement, though they provide a lot of useful information for patients. For example, BetterMe, NTC, and Lifesum, for example. Healthcare apps for patients may include different features, and the list of types varies Medical education apps, Reminder apps etc.

Benefits Of Healthcare App For Doctors And Patients

Below are some significant advantages of the healthcare app I.

Benefits For Doctors

  • Remote assistance
  • Effective workload distribution
  • Brand awareness

Benefits For Patients

  • Improved treatment process
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Online payment
  • Remote assistance

6 Best Steps To Build A Healthcare App

Below is a list of detailed steps that will make your thorny path shorter and help you avoid mistakes.

Step 1 –  Go for Market Analysis

Healthcare mobile app development involves market analysis. Thus, you need to study your niche, know more about your competitors, what value they bring, what their strong and weak sides are, and how you can stand out.

Step 2 – Study Your Audience

In healthcare application development, you should always be ready to face the sensitive problems of people. Therefore, conduct interviews, focus groups, or surveys as you need to get to the root of the user’s problem and keep the ethical balance.

Step 3 – Select App Type

The healthcare app type determines things like the app’s database, functionality, and app goal. However, you cannot just ask medical app developers to build any app, you need to define key points with a team, like:

What type of app do you need;

How it will work;

What problem it will solve etc

Step 4 – Create App Design

App Design completes the lion’s share of the app’s success, and the mHealth app design should be consistent and intuitive. Its major goal is to lead the user to the endpoint smoothly. However, the design must be user-friendly, and the fewer interaction points it has, the better the experience users get.

Step 5 – Make It HIPAA Compliant

If you intend to create a healthcare app, it’s essential to comply with some regulations. Take, for instance, the USA region will require your app to follow all HIPAA regulations. While in Europe, all apps that process personal information must comply with the GDPR.

The reason for HIPAA is to make sure that the protection of personal healthcare information for both parties: patients and healthcare providers.

Step 6 – Build MVP

As you build a healthcare app MVP, you need to mind the fundamental MVP creation rules: build it fast and make it viable. However, before healthcare app MVP development, you need to prioritize the vital features, make sure they solve the problem and iterate constantly.

Moreover, MVP gives you a competitive advantage because you enter the market faster and start gathering feedback from real users sooner than if you build a full-fledged product right away.

How do you make a Healthcare App?

6 Steps to Build a Healthcare App

  • Go for Market Analysis.
  • Study Your Audience.
  • Choose App Type.
  •  Create Design.
  • Make it HIPAA Compliant.
  • Build MVP.

How much does the Headspace App Cost?

After your free trial, the annual subscription is around USD 69.99 and automatically renews each year.

Does Headspace use AI?

Headspace Health now aims to offer an integrated experience to tackle the full spectrum of mental health needs —from prevention to clinical care—all from one platform backed by AI and data science



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