Amazon Car Parts is one of the selling Categories on the Amazon store. Shop auto parts deals. Find tires that fit, the most loved auto parts and accessories, Electric vehicles on Amazon, and Recreational vehicles, All on Amazon.

How to Buy Car Parts on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online store. Most online shoppers in the US start their product searches on the platform is very accommodating for both sellers and buyers. Buyers Find it easy to navigate the marketplace to find their desired product.

If you are a car parts seller, there are greater chances for the success of your auto parts store on the Amazon marketplace.

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Amazon Car Parts

Today! Cars are built to last a long time, Thereby needing more maintenance and care. A good number of car owners are doing more of the maintenance work themselves, which makes auto parts a growing market.

People who want to sell on the platform will have to create an Amazon seller account. Nevertheless, this post will put you through on that The section below contains a list of car parts Categories on the Amazon marketplace.

 Amazon Car Parts Categories

Here are the car parts Categories on the Amazon marketplace;

Direction system

Exhaust systems

Refrigeration Systems

Starters and Alternators

Batteries and Accessories


Straps and Tensioners

Steering and Suspension

Trims and Accessories for Bodywork

Ignition and Accessories



Switches and Relays


Wiper Blades and Parts

Light and Electricity



Engines and Engine Parts

Window Regulators and Motors

Bearings and Seals


Fuel Supply and Treatment

Traction and Transmission

How To Create an Amazon Account

To utilize the Amazon marketplace, you need to create an account, follow the steps below to create one

  • Visit
  • Go to the Account Icon at the top and click on it
  • Tap on Create an Account and fill in the form with;
  • Your name
  • Mobile phone number or email
  • Create a password
  • Tap Continue

Follow the guide to complete the registration.

How To Login to Amazon

To access your account to make purchases or track your transactions, do the following

  • Visit
  • Hit the Account icon at the top
  • Enter your email or phone number
  • Click continue to enter your password.

With these steps, you will successfully log in to your account.

How To Buy Car Parts On Amazon

To purchase car parts on Amazon Follow this guide;

  • Navigate to the Amazon website at
  • Scroll to the search box and enter the car part you want to buy
  • Click on the enter button
  • Locate the product and click on it.
  • If you still have other things to shop for, click on Add to Cart, to continue your shopping. Otherwise, click on Buy Now
  • It will request you sign in to your Amazon account, to proceed with the Shopping if you don’t have an account, click on Create account button
  • Checkout and make your payment.

These are step-by-step guides on how to shop at the marketplace.

 How To Sell Car Parts On Amazon

To sell on Amazon, here are steps to take

Create an Amazon Seller Account and register as a seller on the Professional selling plan

Only Professional Sellers can sell products under the Automotive & Powersports item category because it is a gated category.

Adhere to Amazon Regulations

Standards, and Requirements. Ensure that all the items you intend to sell comply with applicable local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations. It also has specific product image requirements, which are specified to help you maximize sales. That is, the better quality your images are, the more you will attract potential customers.

Get Approval from Amazon to Sell Under the Automotive & Powersports Product Category

You need approval from Amazon to sell items under this category.

Listing Management

Amazon requires Inventory file upload to include fitment data, which will have two available values – Vehicle Specific and Universal. For Amazon to display your listings on Amazon Part Finder, it will need fitment data or information about the vehicles that your parts fit. Ensure you put down all important info about the part ( Model, manufacturer, sizes etc)

Basic Requirements to qualify to sell auto parts and accessories on Amazon

To sell on Amazon, here are the criteria you must meet.

  • You must be on the professional selling plan.
  • Have compliant product images
  • You must list all major brands with universal product codes (UPCs).
  • Warrant all certified refurbished Automotive & Powersports products with the manufacturer or re-manufacturer.
  • Go through the Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data page
  • Photos must have a white background and do not contain any watermarks, insert images, or unauthorized content.

To request approval, kindly Fill out the Contact Us form.


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