How to Cast Showmax from a Phone. In this context, I will be explaining how to cast Showmax from your phone or smart TV. If you are subscribed to the Showmax Mobile or Showmax Pro Mobile plan.

How to Cast Showmax from a Phone
How to Cast Showmax from a Phone

How to Cast Showmax from a Phone

Then it is already evident that you can watch this service’s content on all devices. Nevertheless, you may want to catch up with the latest movie or series on the big screen. The best solution for this is to Chromecast from your mobile app on your phone to your TV set.

What is Showmax

This is a streaming service where you can watch series, documentaries, sports, movies, and kids’ entertainment. This platform has proven itself in recent years with unique local and international African content while striking partnerships with mobile telecommunications.

As a user of this service, here are some of the benefits you enjoy from using it. Its site is legal, which means you are free from malware. Or being subjected to offensive advertising. With this service, you can download anything to your device to watch offline.

Requirements to Cast Showmax from the Phone

To cast this platform successfully or display content from your mobile app to your TV. You would need the requirements listed below:

  • It could be either an iPhone or an Android.
  • Active Wi-Fi connection. The smart TV and the phone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • An active Netflix subscription and Showmax account.
  • Showmax app on both the TV and the phone.
  • A connected Chromecast device or a smart TV with built-in Chromecast support.

How to cast Showmax from Phone

  • First, on your device, launch the Showmax app and log in to your account.
  • Second, at the top of the home page, click the Chromecast icon and select a device from the pop-up menu to which you want to cast the content.

After following the short and easy steps. Browse through and select the content you would like to cast. Then the content would play out through the Chromecast receiver. To stop casting, select the icon and select stop casting.

How to Cast Showmax from iPhone

Below is a guide on how to cast Showmax from your phone to your TV:

  • Step 1: Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.
  • Step 2: Open the app that has the content you want to cast. Then in the app, find and select Cast.
  • Step 3: On your device, select the name of your TV.

When the cast changes color, you’re successfully connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Cast Showmax on my TV?

To cast this platform on your TV, launch the service app. Select the Chromecast icon and pair it to your Chromecast receiver. When you select content to cast, the content will play out via the Chrome receiver. To stop casting, select the Chromecast icon again and stop casting.

How can I transfer Showmax from my phone to my smart TV?

To transfer this service from the phone to the smart TV. Google Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port and allows you to cast shows directly from your phone to the TV. Connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable. To also do that, connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV’s HDMI port through a mobile high-definition link.

How can I watch Showmax on my TV without DSTV?

To watch this service on TV without DSTV. Go to and sign up. Sign up with your email and create a password. Then select a payment method to start your 14-day free trial; you won’t be charged until the trial has ended. You can cancel it at any time.

Is Netflix better than Showmax?

This is available in more countries and has a larger library of content than Showmax. It also offers personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. It also allows you to create multiple profiles on one account.

How can I link my DStv to Showmax?

To link your DStv to this service. Visit the DStv self-service website and sign in with your Connect ID. Then select my products and choose a DSTV package. Click the link for this service on the Showmax banner, then accept the quotation.

How can I connect my Showmax to my smart TV?

To connect your smart TV to this platform, ensure that your smart TV’s firmware is up-to-date. Go to the smart TV interface on your smart TV. Then browse the Smart TV application store. Search for Showmax and install the free Showmax application.

What kind of TVs support Showmax?

The kinds of smart TVs that support this platform are Samsung smart TVs, Tizen smart TVs, LG NetCast smart TVs, LG WebOS smart TVs, Hisense smart TVs, and Android TVs.

How do I download Showmax shows to my TV?

Download this platform’s shows to your TV. Install the Showmax app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Then launch the app and sign in to your account. Now select the show you want to watch and tap the download button.

Do I need Wi-Fi to watch Showmax?

You can actually use data or Wi-Fi. You can control how much data you use by choosing three streaming quality options. To manage this, simply navigate to bandwidth in your Showmax app settings. You can also save data by downloading shows to watch offline on your mobile device or tablet with the app.


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