How to Change Name On Facebook If It won’t let You

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Thinking of  How to Change Name On Facebook? One of the majors that would be required of you when you open a Facebook account is the Facebook username. Now for those who want to change their names on Facebook and are handicapped on the process to follow, this article would be of great use to you.

 How to Change Name On Facebook

Facebook on its own is one of the largest and popular social media platforms that has provided an opportunity for many people scattered around the world to socialize and interact together. There is so many uses that Facebook makes available to its users, apart from the interaction and socialization aspect, Facebook is also used for business advertisements and much more.

Now switching to the topic of the main article, there might be a need for you to change the initial name that you previously used on your Facebook account, this might be due to the fact that you have previously used a nickname and now you have decided to use your real name as your Facebook name or you have decided to change your name on Facebook to your new name after getting married.

Irrespective of the reasons that are best known to you that have made you decide to change your name of Facebook, we have compiled and outlined the necessary steps and procedures you need to undertake on how to efficiently change your name on Facebook

 How to Change my Name on the Facebook App?

Facebook has its own policy regarding name changing which is not actually very strict. You should note that you cannot just change your name on Facebook anyhow. Facebook allows for the changing of names in a 60 days period but if you do change your name often they can extend it to 120 days. Now for those who want to change their names on the Facebook app, you are to follow the below instructions;

  1. Review the Facebook name standards.
  2. Open your Facebook app and tap the menu
  3. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy, then tap Settings.
  4. Tap Personal Information then taps Name.
  5. Enter your name and tap Review Change.
  6. Enter your password and tap Save Changes.

These are the procedures and steps that you must carefully follow to easily change your name on the Facebook app.

 How to Change Name On Facebook If It won’t let You

For those who are having issues in the changing of their Facebook name, no need to be worried or bothered because we have listed a step by step approach below on what you can do if you find it difficult to change your name on Facebook. Below are the instructions to follow;

  1. Log in to your profile by clicking on this link and click the arrow icon from the top navigation bar.
  2. Type “Name Change Limit” in the search box and select “Why Can’t I Change My Name?”
  3. Click the “Let Us Know” link at the bottom of the entry to open the name-change form.

What Happens When You Change Your Name On Facebook?

Changing your name on your Facebook account does not affect your existing followers, direct messages, and replies. All your followers will only see the changes you have made. Or your username next to your profile photo when you update it.


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