How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Of Coronavirus – Ways Your Phone Can Contact The COVID-19 Virus


The world has been on high alert since the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus. Everyone is now practicing preventive measures so as not to contract this dreadful disease. Before the virus was identified, little was known about it. Therefore making containment of the virus difficult. But ever since it was identified, various preventive methods have been put into place to and the general public has been directed on how to stay safe and protect themselves. In this article, I will be giving you the steps needed on how to clean your phone to get rid of coronavirus. You just might be wondering about the relevance and connection of mobile phones to coronavirus. Well, keep on reading to find out.

How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Coronavirus

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How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Coronavirus

During this pandemic, it is very important to adhere to safety measures, not just to not contract the virus, but to stop it from spreading. The world health organization has come up with three basic preventive methods to stay safe during this period and to stop the virus from spreading and they are;

  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with protective items such as facemasks and also when coughing or sneezing.
  • And lastly, keep away from social gatherings. In other words, keep your distance from people for the time being.

All of these preventive measures are important, but one of the preventive measures which is also very important is the first one, ‘wash your hands with soap and water regularly’. We have all been advised by the world health organization to self-isolate if possible and to always clean commonly used or touched surfaces. People are even advised to stop making contacts with their hands on their faces and so much more. One type of surface that we should be keeping an eye on that we aren’t is our phone’s touch screens and cases.

Ways Your Phone Can Contact The COVID-19 Virus

Studies over the years have shown that our mobile and cell phones can sometimes be carriers of microbiological life forms. These microbiological forms include viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Most of these organisms can stay long on surfaces such as cell phone surfaces, while others can only stay for a short period. The coronavirus, however, can stay on plastic and metal surfaces such as cell phone surfaces for days. And within these periods can, therefore, be transferred to a person. It is therefore important to stay safe during this period. Do not just wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose, you also need to clean surfaces ad your mobile surfaces.

Ways To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid Of COVID 19

Do you know that the average person touches his or her cellphone 2,617 times daily? Seeing these stats alone, it is very important that we don’t just practice preventive measures and hygiene on ourselves. But this practice should also be extended to worktops and or cell phones. Below are the various ways with which you can clean your mobile phones;

  • Clean your phones with soap and water by dipping or wetting a soft, lint-free cloth on it and then using it to clean your phone.
  • Clean with antibacterial hand gels.
  • Use UV virus-zapping sanitizers to clean your phone.

When cleaning your phone make sure not to dip your phone in the water when cleaning, unless its IP68 water-resistant. Do not let water get into any of the openings of your phone such as the charging pot or speakers. Lastly after carrying out these steps, leave your phone to dry out. Make sure to carry out these steps regularly and as much as you want to.

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