How to convert PNG files to PDF files, and is there a difference between PNG files and PDF files? Some may prefer their pictures in PDF form rather than PNG, and in order to do that from your computer, we would guide you through the process.

How to Convert PNG Files to PDF
How to Convert PNG Files to PDF

How to Convert PNG Files to PDF

We will guide you on how to convert PNG files to PDF on different devices.

Why do I need to convert from PNG to PDF?

You might be asking yourself why it is necessary to convert your image from PNG to PDF. If the image is to remain in the same folder and on the same device, then there is no reason to convert it. But if you choose to transfer the image to another device or another folder, then it needs to be converted to PDF.

Now, converting the image to a PDF file gives you the quality of the image and does not reduce its quality. One of the most popular reasons to convert the PDF to PNG is when the document contains an image or multiple images that you might need to edit or use on another device.

Converting PNG files to PDF in Windows

Using Windows 10 to perform this task, Windows 10 has an in-built PDF printer that you can easily use to convert a PNG file into a PDF file. From, these are the steps to be able to convert PNG to PDF:

  • Open the folder where the PNG image is stored in a File Explorer window.
  • Right-click the file and choose Print.
  • In the Print Pictures window that opens, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Choose the paper size, quality, appearance of the image, and number of copies you would need.
  • Then click on “print.”
  • In the Save Print Output As dialogue box, select the folder and name the file in the folder.

Remember to save in order to keep all the changes made to the picture.

Converting PNG files to PDF on a Chromebook 

The steps for converting PNG files to PDF with your Chromebook device are as follows:

  • Upload the PNG files.
  • Drag the PNG file into the converter at the top of the page.
  • Alternatively, you could click on upload to choose the file you wish to convert.
  • After you have successfully uploaded the picture, you can convert the PNG file to PDF.

Converting PNG files to PDF on Mac

If you are using Mac to convert PNG files to PDF, then you must use the built-in preview app that makes it easy to convert PNG to PDF. This guide is also from All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Open the PNG file in the preview.
  • Select a file, and under that file, you export it as a PDF.
  • Name the file and click on “Save.” You click on “Save” to effect all changes.

Tools for Converting PNG to PDF

There are some tools that would aid you in easily converting PNG files to PDF. This tool relieves you of the stress of trying to find a way to convert PNG to PDF. Here are some of them:

  • TalkHelper PDF Converter – This application is available for free download and the supported operating system is Windows. There are some features that make up this cool software; it offers to combine different PNGs into a single PDF, it allows you to customize the order of PNGs to be merged or added together, and it has many other awesome features.
  • Adobe Acrobat – This is a very popularly used PDF application and is available for free download. The supported operating systems are Windows, Mac, and web-based. This software has so many features, and here are some of them: it can be accessed both offline and online, is multiplatform, integrates Adobe Document Cloud, offers the highest image-to-PDF conversion, and many others.
  • SmallPDF — This is software that is available and accessible for Windows, Mac, and web-based, and it is also free for download. This software is fast and easy; it supports different platforms, secures all files, gives privacy, and, like every other software, allows you to merge different PNG files into a single PDF file, among many other features.
  • iLovePDF – is free to download, and the supported operating systems are Windows, Mac, and web-based. Guarantees data security, integrates popular cloud services, allows multiple PNG files to be added together in one PDF file, and has many other unique features.
  • Png2Pdf —This is another platform that aids you in easily combining different images into one PDF file. There is no limit to the file size, no registration is needed, and no watermark is added. All you have to do is click the Upload files button and get all the pictures you wish to convert, then drag the files to the drop area in order for the picture to start uploading. Once the file finally uploads, it has been fully converted. The next step is to click on the thumbnails in order to access the PDF files. All you have to do is visit the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert multiple PNGs into one PDF?

The steps to convert multiple PNG files into one PDF are as follows:

  • Search for Adobe services from your browser.
  • Upload the PNG files you wish to convert.
  • And from there, you can get access to the already converted files.
How do I convert PNG to PDF on Android?

In order to convert pictures from PNG to PDF, you must:

  • On your web browser, you type in “Convert JPG to PDF.”
  • Then you have to select the file and choose the picture you wish to convert.
  • From there, the tool would just convert the image.
Are PNG and PDFs in the same format?

Are PNG and PDFs in the same format? The answer is no. PDF is a document, while PNG is an image.

How do I convert a PNG to a PDF without losing quality?

In order to convert the PNG to PDF, you open the PNG file in Adobe Photoshop, choose the file menu, and select Save as. Then click on the Desktop option, and you will see the Save As option. Then, after clicking on the option, you select Photoshop PDF from the drop-down icon, and after that, you click on Save to put the changes into effect.

How do I convert a PNG file?

To change or convert a PNG file, you go to File and click on the Save As drop-down menu. Then you select JPEG and PNG, and there are many others like TIFF, GIF, HEIC, and other picture formats. You save the file on your computer, and you would be able to convert it.


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