Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that allows users to communicate and collaborate with others remotely and in the comfort of their homes or at work. With Google Meet, you can create a virtual meeting space inviting participants to join and discuss various topics.

How to Create Google Meet Link

In this guide, you will be enlightened on creating a Google Meet link, which you can use to invite others to your virtual meeting. However, continue reading this blog carefully for more outstanding details and explanations on How to Create a Google Meet Link.

What is a Google Meet Link

A Google Meet link is a unique URL that offers users access to join a video meeting hosted on Google’s video conferencing platform, Google Meet. It acts as an invite, similar to how a physical address helps you find a location.

The breakdown of a Google Meet link typically consists of:

  • Base URL: This is usually
  • Meeting ID: It is a unique string of characters that categorizes the specific meeting. It then follows the base URL and is separated by a forward slash (e.g.,
  • Optional Nickname: After the meeting ID, you might see a question mark followed by a nickname chosen by the meeting host. This is not required to join, but it allows you to personalize your name within the meeting.

How to use a Google Meet link

Here are the basic guides on how you can be able to use a Google Meet Link:

  • Click on the link: This will open your web browser and then redirect you to the Google Meet website.
  • Join the meeting: You can either join directly by clicking the “Join” option or choose to enter a nickname before you can join.

Create a Google Meet Link on the App

To start the process, ensure you are using the latest version of the Google Meet link app and follow the steps below to successfully create a Google Meet link:

  • Open the Meet app on your preferred device.
  • At the bottom right of the page, tap the New
  • Tap the Share Link button to Create a new meeting.
  • To share a meeting link, select an option:

Copy, You can email or text the link and Share option.

  • To join a meeting you created, tap Join Meeting Create New Meeting.

Create a Google Meet Link on the Web

The process differs from the previous guides above, follow the steps carefully to attain a successful result:

  • Go to the official web platform on your preferred web browser via
  • Select the New Meeting
  • Click on the Start an Instant Meeting to continue, or you may utilize the other available options.
  • Then on the button left corner of the page, click on the Copy symbol in the link section to copy your Google Meet invite.

That’s all, paste the link and send it to whom you may invite to share the invitation link to invite someone to your meeting.


In conclusion, creating a Google Meet link is a straightforward process that can be done on both the mobile app and web platform. The link serves as an invite to join a virtual meeting on Google Meet and is made up of a base URL, meeting ID, and an optional nickname.

To use a Google Meet link, simply click on the link and join the meeting using the “Join” option or by entering a nickname created by the meeting host. With this guide, you can now surely create and share a Google Meet link with others. So, follow through the article carefully.


How Do I Create a Google Meet Code?

There is no way to customize the Meet meeting code. It comprises ten letters. If you see people creating “nicknamed” meetings, this option is only available if you’re using a Google Workspace account for business or education.

How Do I Create a Google Meet Link Without Gmail?

To host or schedule a Google Meet, you usually require a Google account. You can, however, join a Google Meet meeting without a Google account if the meeting is created by an individual with a Google account and the “Anyone with the link can join” option is enabled.

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