How To Delete Facebook Page – Delete Page on Facebook – Facebook Page Delete

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Do you want to know How To Delete Facebook Page? A Facebook page is a place where artists, public figures, businesses, brands, organizations, and nonprofit organizations can connect with their fans or customers.

Once you have an account on the FB platform, you can create different pages for different purposes. You may decide to create a page for your business, social group, organizations, etc. But you have an account first.

How To Delete Facebook Page

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Having a page on the Facebook platform will help to promote your business if you created a business page. You can equally promote other things with this method of creating a page for them.

How To Delete Facebook Page

Pages are usually created to enable the public to become aware of what the page was created for. When you like or follow a page, you will be receiving updates from that particular page be it a business page, organization, or a public figure.

Any time you open your account on your device on the home icon you will always find these pages on the horizontal platform one after the other. You will come across some popular figures like Hollywood’s actors, business organizations, and firms.

All pages created are managed by people on the platform called admin for short or administrators in full. This is why every page created is linked to an account that created that page

Create Facebook Page

Pages are met for business, brand organizations, and public figures to share their stories and connect with people. Just as you can customize your profile page, pages that are created from your account for one reason or the other can be customized with stories.

Anyone that likes your page or follows it can receive updates in the news feed.  You create a page with the following sets below;

  • Navigate to
  • Click to choose a page type that is the page name.
  • Then follow the procedures carefully and provide all the required information.
  • Click on the “Create Page” button to have a page for your business, firm, brand, or personality.

Anyone who has a Facebook account can create a page but only official representatives can create a page for an organization, business, or public figure.

How To Delete Facebook Page

At the point of creating a page, you will be requested to add an admin to the page you created. The admin is the person in charge of a group or page created. This principle is not only operational to Facebook but to other social platforms like whats app.

To delete any page you must be, in the position of an admin of that page. Therefore the steps below are possible if you are an admin.

  • From your news feed tab pages in the left menu.
  • Open your page and click page settings in the bottom left.
  • From the general click remove a page.
  • Click delete page and then click ok.

The deletion process of every page on Facebook takes a period of 14 days to finalize. You can unpublish your page at any time. You can cancel the process within 14 days, go back to the process and cancel the deletion process.

How To Remove A Page From Business Manager

If you are no longer interested in managing a page from your business manager, you can remove it. You can also transfer ownership of a page to another business manager. To remove a page you must be an admin. Follow the steps below;

  • Visit the business setting with your browser.
  • Click account, then click pages.
  • Select the pages that you’d like to remove and click Remove.

To remove a page, it can’t be connected to other assets still in the Business Manager.


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