For most people Pinterest users out there, you may just want to find out How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest! Well, it is normal for anyone who gets to know this, as this social platform has got so much in store for you.

Whether you are making use of Pinterest for personal or business use, you just have to know your way around. You have to know how to get the right pins in front of you. With this, you just have to find How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest.

How to Discover The Best Ideas on Pinterest


This visual social platform has got amazing pins that you may love to get hold of. But, how do you get them right in front of you? We will be looking at How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest. But before that, we will be defining the term “Pinterest”, for those who have little or no idea about it.

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How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest

Now, you begin to ask; what exactly is Pinterest? What are the steps on How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest? It’s easy just as long as you know what to do. This is a visual social platform. However, it works a little differently from the normal Facebook or Twitter that we all know. Scrolling through your Pinterest feed keeps you in front of a stream of photos and short videos – each of these is posts on the platform, which are known as PINS.

There is just no doubt that everyone would love to see amazing pins (Pinterest posts) on their feed! With this, you should know How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest.

How Does Pinterest Work

These pins can actually be saved to your account. Here’s where your Pinterest boards come in. Your boards are sections where you save, place, and organize your pins. You get to create these boards yourself with names and titles of your choice. The platform allows its users to post and pin original photos or videos. You could even share these pins across its site to other social sites out there.

Here, so many people spend their scrolling through, saving, and sharing beautiful images from all walks of life. Well, you could use this platform for both personal and business purposes. This platform is large and has got so many ideas for everyone.

How to Search on Pinterest App

How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest? It’s easy! On Pinterest, there are several different ways you could discover new pins and ideas to follow up with. Whether you just need the latest fashion trend, health and fitness tips, and more – Pinterest has got almost everything in store for you. It is left for you to know just How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest!

We will be looking at the four ways on How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest. Let’s check out a list of them.

  • Your home feed
  • Following tab
  • The “More Ideas” tab
  • Search bar

To know How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest using any of these mediums, check the next part of this article.

How to Use Pinterest

How to Discover Ideas on Pinterest? Let’s find out!

Home Feed

This is your major feed page. Here, you find and discover pins from other users, topics, and the boards that you follow on the site. Not just that! You also get recommendations, such as the Pins that you may love, boards, to follow, and even discover new people. All these actually depend on your recent activity within the platform. From here, you could save Pins to your boards.

Following Tab

This refers to the pins of people and boards that you follow. You just have to click on the “Following” tab at the top of your home feed. This will take you to the list of people you follow. You can open and visit any of the profiles to find and discover their pins.

“More Ideas”

To discover more ideas and recommendations based on your activity, click on the “More Ideas” tab. You will find this at the top of your boards. You just have to open any of your boards to find related ideas based on what you have saved recently.


Using the search bar at the top of the page, you can search for and find Pinterest Pins, boards, people, and hashtags. You just have to type in and search for a particular keyword you have in mind.

Are idea pins searchable?

Yes, by using the search icon on PinTest, you can find ideal pins. Users can save idea pins to their boards in the same way that they can save standard pins, and idea pins are also searchable and evergreen.


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