How to FaceTime on Android. FaceTime is a reliable and much safer way to video chat between iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac users. If you have one of these Apple devices, then you are good to go to start using FaceTime or video chat.

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But the FaceTime service is still available on Android devices, and Android users can only join a FaceTime call and not host it. If you are in search of ways you can use FaceTime on your Android device, then search no more; this blog is here to guide you on how to use FaceTime on Android devices.

How to FaceTime on Android

While Zoom has become a popular video chat service around the country and the world, FaceTime is still the most popular way to video chat. FaceTime is an excellent alternative to Zoom. Apple has made it easy for individuals using Android phones or Windows laptops to join FaceTime calls with an iPhone user.

FaceTime relies on the iOS 15 or later operating system and is now available for download for free, where it works better than Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In addition, it lets you video call and interact with people outside the Apple bubble. The FaceTime updates include a new grid view, the ability to schedule calls, portrait mode, and a watch party feature called SharePlay.

How to FaceTime on Android Phones

And users can’t start a FaceTime video call, so here is how you can send a FaceTime invite link from an Apple device and then how you can be able to join the FaceTime video chat using an Android phone:

First, someone needs to create a FaceTime link using an Apple device.

  • An Apple device running iPadOS 15 or a Mac running at least macOS Monterey.
  • Launch the FaceTime app on your Apple device.
  • Click on the “Create Link option at the top of the page.
  • Select whether you would like to share the FaceTime link via Messages, AirDrop, Mail, or another app.

Go to Android Device

  • After receiving the FaceTime link on your Android device, open it using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Bing).
  • Enter your name and click on “Continue.”
  • Hit the green “Join” button that appears in the pop-up.
  • Allow FaceTime to use a microphone and camera.
  • The Apple user will now accept the request to join.
  • Once both parties have entered the call, they will see the same options on both devices.

How to FaceTime on a PC

To start, you will need an iPhone device to create a FaceTime link, and that is done through the steps below:

  • Open FaceTime on an Apple device.
  • Click on “Create Link.”
  • Add a name to the FaceTime call or meeting.
  • Send the link to the Android device through the mail, or you could copy it and send it any other way.

Go to the PC

  • Be sure you have the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge installed on your PC.
  • Click on the FaceTime link on your PC to join the FaceTime call.
  • Enter a name to continue.
  • Allow the FaceTime app to use a camera and microphone.
  • Select Join, and the Apple user will then accept you into the FaceTime call.
  • When you are done, you can easily tap on Leave to end the FaceTime call.

These are the possible steps that you need to take to join a FaceTime call using a PC.


Can you FaceTime on an Android phone?

Can Android mobile devices initiate a FaceTime call? Since the FaceTime service is an Apple-owned service, Android users can only join FaceTime calls that are hosted by Apple users.

What is the Android version of FaceTime?

Google Duo is essentially FaceTime and is available on Android devices.

How do I add an Android phone to FaceTime?

Steps on How do I start a FaceTime call with an Android or Windows user?

  1. To start, you have to open the FaceTime app on your phone.
  2. Click on the Create Link button.
  3. A screen will then slide up from the bottom that says, “FaceTime Link.”
  4. On the same screen, you will see the options to share the link text, Twitter, email, calendar, and other applications that you have on your mobile phone.
How do I FaceTime on a Samsung?


  1. Activate FaceTime. Go to the home screen, select the Settings app, scroll down, and select FaceTime. Click on the FaceTime switch to turn it on.
  2. You can make a FaceTime call just by using the contacts application on your Samsung. From the home screen, select just by using the contacts application on your Samsung. From the home screen, select Contacts.
  3. Make a FaceTime call using the FaceTime app. Select the FaceTime application from the home screen.
Is FaceTime free on Android?

The free-to-use FaceTime application runs on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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