How to Find My Facebook URL – How Do I Find My Facebook URL | Facebook URL How to Know Mine


How to Find My Facebook URL? Ever wondered your URL on Facebook is like and how to find it? Well, finding your Facebook URL is simple. Users can find the URL of their personal profile, or page. At first, I was finding it hard to find my URL, but now, and now I discovered that it is simple. Also, there are users that want to find their URL but don’t know how to, and that’s the reason for this article. So, to locate or find your URL, you would need to read.

How to Find My Facebook URL

How to Find My Facebook URL

Every Facebook user has a unique URL just like other pages you come across on the internet. With the Facebook URL, you can access your profile directly from your browser. Also, you can obtain a friend’s URL by accessing the person’s profile and checking the browser’s location. Or look through the contact information section of the person’s profile information.

Facebook URL How to Know Mine

While browsing Facebook on a desktop or mobile browser, you might notice the browser displays a unique address for every page you visit. And everyone using the platform have a unique web address. Do you know that you can actually visit a person’s profile without typing the username if you have the users’ unique URL? You can find your Facebook URL using the mobile app or w web browser. You can find your URL and customize your URL when you’re logged in or simply create a new account if you have none.

Facebook Login

To find your Facebook URL, you need to be logged in using the mobile app or web. Now, follow the simple steps below sign in back to your account;

  • Open the app or use the browser and go to
  • On the Facebook Sign In page, provide the information that would be required.
  • Type in your email or number and password.
  • Hit on Log in to load the profile on your device.

The account would be logged in. You can actually create an account if you do not have any by providing your first name, last name, date of birth, number or email, gender, and a password.

Setting Facebook Username

By default, the platform generates a URL for you based on the name you use on it, but you can actually customize a username that would appear in the URL This is actually useful if you want a URL that is simple to share and remember. To customize, visit the “Settings” menu via the Facebook web or mobile app and hit on “General”. Or just use this URL

From there, the option of setting a custom username will be shown. Input the username you’d like to use, Facebook makes a quick search to make sure the name you’ve used is not already taken. Impersonating someone else’s name on the platform is not allowed.

How Do I Find My Facebook URL

As I said earlier, finding your URL on Facebook is simple and can be done using the browser on your desktop or mobile app. Follow the steps below to find;

On Desktop;

  • Access the Facebook website at
  • Login to your account and click on your profile photo or name.
  • This will take you to your timeline.
  • On the browser search tab, a URL will be shown.

The unique URL at the top is yours. Copy and paste it on a new browser tab.

On Mobile App;

  • Open the app and sign in to your account.
  • Open your profile timeline by tapping on the picture or name.
  • Then tap on “More”, and select “Copy Link to Profile”.
  • Copy the link.

Then paste it on a browser.

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