How to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issues. Do not panic, your Windows 11 has a black screen and you are thinking of a solution. I have come to give you the solution like a genie from a magic lamp.

How to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issues
How to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issues

How to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issues

Well back to business in this article we would give the situations that lead to a black screen on your Windows 11 and what to do to resolve them.

Solving the Windows 11 Black Screen

For every problem, there happens to be a solution, these are the solutions for the black screen. But before we start, let us know what causes or leads to a black screen in windows 11.

Sources of Black screen issues on Windows 11

Because there is a problem, there must be a cause to that problem and the cause or the causes of the black screen could be as a result of an outdated or faulty video driver, another cause we can think of is the operating system which could be from faulty windows updates.

Another cause could be configurations, misconfigured settings can be the cause of the black screen. Well, the last we can also think could be the cause of the black screen is Malware, we all know how well viruses could affect the functionality of our system.

Now we have guesses on what all these problems are, let’s look at how we can fix the black screen problem the following are the ways to fix these problems:

Turn On Your System

Now this solution could be the answer if the black screen issue is not a serious one and if it is temporary, then all you have to do is to restart your system and check if it is gone, sorry due to the black screen you might see no direction to turn off the system from the screen, you could force the shutdown, by pressing on the power button for a long time till it turns off (the long time could just be seconds actually).

The Brightness settings

Wow! This is a really funny scenario that has happened to me before, what happened was that, due to the brightness of the light from my screen, my eyes were affected I had to adjust the light of my screen to the lowest, and was okay with it (this was night time) after work forgot to adjust the light back.

Ready to work the next day I observed the screen was totally black and panicked, it was later on I remembered that I had adjusted the light and that was how the problem was solved.

So maybe yours could be the same issue, in which all you have to do is adjust the brightness higher, then the problem is solved.

Peripheral Problem

The peripheral device is an auxiliary device that is used to put information into and get information out of a computer. The peripheral devices are data storage devices, video monitors, keyboards, interface boards, expansion cards, and other related devices. So, you have one among the peripheral devices to know which one could be the cause of the black screen.

An example of how a peripheral device could cause a black screen is a situation when a physical connection like the cable is not properly connected to the Monitor or the graphics card is not properly placed.

Graphics Card: The graphics card is also known as a video card as it is the integrated circuit that generates or causes the video signal to be sent to the computer display. And the graphics card is located on the computer motherboard.

So if the graphics card is the problem, you have to check the graphics card to make sure it is in place.

Windows Repair tool

The windows repair tool is a tool that contains a lot of different tools that would aid fix windows. The function of the tool is to help repair common issues with your computers such as firewall, file permission, and Windows update problems.

In order to access the windows repair tool is to run the troubleshooter, go to the windows button> then select the settings> then update and security> and there you would find the troubleshoot> then from there you would choose the type of troubleshooting you want to apply. There are different types of windows repair tools, which are: Restore, System Mechanic Ultimate defense, snappy driver installer, Outbyte PC Repair, and many others.

You could try any one of these repair tools that could aid you to fix the black screen issue.

RAM Installation

Your RAM module should be the next option to check out and make sure to check if it is properly placed, you could do that by checking the motherboard to know the position of the RAM, after checking it you should place it properly in order to not cause more damage.

Note: If you do not have the technical experience to handle your system properly, it is advised in order to not cause more damage, you should take your system to an experienced technician and give the suggestion from above in order to give the technician an easy time fixing your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my laptop screen black?

If you happen to be using windows 11 and your screen is black, it could be due to faulty or incompatible hardware that is connected to your system. Before getting any hardware, you should make sure it is compatible with your laptop, Another suggestion you should try disconnecting any peripheral device connected to your laptop and connect them back again.

My system is working but the screen happens to be black.

What to do in a situation like this, is to check out for the graphics card which is also the video card and you should also check for the compatible peripheral devices to know if they are properly placed. And make sure to check out the apps you install into your system.

How do I restart Windows 11 Advanced black screen?

If you have tried simple steps to solve the black screen issue, and you want to try the advanced black screen way, you press Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B keys on your keyboard (you should press them together, not at once), if you do that your graphics driver restarts immediately. It might take some time before the black screen is removed.

Can RAM cause no display?

Yes, it can cause no display. But this does not mean it is the main display device. The RAM is just a part of the display device, The RAM is the system memory bank and it makes the design work better.

How do I know that my RAM is damaged?

You can know when your RAM is damaged by the steps below:

  • From the start menu, you search “Windows Memory Diagnostic” with the aid of the search bar.
  • Under the Windows Memory Diagnostic page, you should click on the option “ Restart now and check for problems”.
  • Automatically your system restarts, once your system has restarted, you should see a message that shows the result on your RAM.



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