How to get a Dell Student Discount. As students, you tend to gain a lot of privileges of discounts and some free items or funds that could aid your school’s days, so don’t miss out on them.

How to get a Dell Student Discount
How to get a Dell Student Discount

How to get a Dell Student Discount

This is one of the opportunities you get, the Dell student discount, follow me as we learn more about it.

Signing Up (Membership benefit)

Before you can get the Dell student discount, then you have to be a part of it, in order to do you have to sign up at UNiDAYS. You would need to sign up for the student membership by putting in all valid information. Don’t miss out on this wonderful offer.

The benefit of being a member is really wonderful, you get to shop with a lot of benefits, there are a lot of benefit like exclusive deals, and premium support plus and you get to earn $50 off every dell reward when you have successfully opened a Dell-preferred and you get 3% back as a reward.

Requirement of getting the Dell Student Discount

UNiDAYS have requirements, which means there are qualifications to getting the Dell student Discount;

  • Age requirement: you have to be 16 and above to get access to the discount.
  • You must be a student enrolled at a college or university.
  • You have access to an edu email that is issued by your school, and a credit card-style student ID from your school.

An edu email is the email address that is specifically reserved for educational institutions and they are issued by schools from the elementary level till graduation. Once you are a student you get access to the edu email.

How to use Your Dell Student Discount

After signing up for the Discount, then you would need how to use it, you can’t have what you don’t use or know how to use, and it might become useless.

  • When you get to the UNiDAYS website, you check out the Dell offer you like.
  • After the offer you want, then you click on “Redeem Online”.
  • Then you select the Redeem code.
  • When you see the Redeem code, then you copy the code and launch the website.

Benefits of the Dell Student Discount

There are sure benefits to this discount, some of them are:

  • You get to receive up to 20% student discount and also enjoy free shipping on every item you get, including laptops, gaming PCs or accessories, and other related gadgets.
  • The Dell student discount provides you with 10% off all Dell products.
  • There are coupon codes that are generated through UNiDAYS and then you get to apply them to the shopping cart on the Dell site when you have successfully verified your student identity.
  • You can achieve more when you get a $200 Dell Promo eGift Card when you purchase a PC worth $799 and above.

You must note that the coupon code is only applicable to exclusive PC offers on

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get a student discount on Dell?

In order to get the student discount on dell, you must be a member, then you:

  • Search for the UNiDAYS website.
  • On the website, you click on a Dell offer and select Redeem Online.
  • If it happens that you do not see any Dell offer, then navigate to
  • Next, is to select a Redeem code.
  • You copy the code and select the launch website.
  • And from the website, you locate any laptop or desktop you wish to get.
Can I get a student discount for a laptop?

Yes, you can get a student discount for laptops, it is not just limited to Dell, you can also get the discount at Acer, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Can I get a MacBook discount as a student?

Yes, you can get a discount and the discount is known as the “Apple Education store”, As a student, you have access to or the privilege to get 10% off on all very products yet. You can also get beyond 10% off, you can get beyond that offer.

What is the cost for Apple student discounts on laptops?

What is the cost of Apple student discounts on laptops? The cost for Apple student discounts, you should get or be able to save up to 10% on every price you get for the products you want. Getting 10% off on Apple products seems to me like a blessing, because Apple products are really expensive to get especially as a student.

When Can I Apply for a student Discount Card?

In order to be able to apply for a student Discount card, then you have to be above 16 and for maybe further information, you have to submit your information as either a part-time student or a full-time student.



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