How to get an Opay POS: How do I get an Opay POS? Do you want to take your business to the next level and boost your daily income? If yes, then acquiring an Opay machine is the best option for you.

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Whether you run a small business or not, you will now be executing the majority of your transactions either by direct transfer or through a point of sale (POS) system because everyone has been forced to go digital.

How to get an Opay POS

Keep on reading, as this content will answer some of your most burning questions about applying for a job.

About the Opay POS Machine

The machines are small, lightweight gadgets that allow businesses to accept consumers’ cashless payments. These terminals accept several payment options, which include payments made with debit and credit cards, mobile money, and QR codes. The devices come in a variety of styles and models, each with unique features and functionalities. Now that we know what our Opay POS is, let’s move on to the types of machines we have.

There are three main types of machines, and they include the Opay smart POS machine, which is an Android-based card terminal. The traditional Opay POS machine is the original type of POS device on Opay, Lastly, the Opay mini-POS machine is the most portable and reliable one. Keep on reading as we find out about the prices of the Opay POS machine.

The price of Opay POS devices in Nigeria varies by model. Opay smart POS costs N50,00, Opay traditional POS costs N35,000, and Opay mini POS costs N8500. The Opay POS application form is free, so keep that in mind. Only the cost of purchasing the item is being paid.

Requirements for the Opay POS Machine

You must meet certain requirements to be qualified for the Opay Pos machine application. These consist of:

  • active Opay account.
  • A legitimate bank account.
  • A BVN, or bank verification number,
  • A legitimate form of identity, such as a voter card, national identification card, driver’s license, or international passport
  • A recent utility bill
  • Statement of your bank account

When you have all the requirements, you can apply for an Opay POS device.

How to get an Opay POS

In recent years, Nigerians have had a lot of trouble collecting cash straight from the bank, which has increased demand for POS agents. Additionally, as the FGN implements the cashless policy, it is becoming more and more crucial for both companies and customers to accept cashless payments.

Due to these, POS is in extremely high demand. That’s because businesses desire quick payments and more individuals want to work as agents, and Opay steps in to help with that. Opay is a financial technology that provides a few digital financial services, such as mobile payments, money transfers, and e-commerce. With the aid of this, you can do fund transfers, cash withdrawals, instant settlement, payment of utility bills, and check customers’ account balances.

It’s easy to sign up with this platform in Nigeria. Both the website and their mobile app allow you to apply for a POS. On the Opay platform, you must register your company brand and enter the necessary data. Here is a step-by-step guide for requesting an Opay POS device:

  • Step 1: With your phone, create an Opay account.
  • Step 2: Upgrade to level 3 of KYC.
  • Step 3: Use a merchant account.
  • Step 4: On your merchant account, click the “Merchant Apply” button.
  • Step 5: Fill out the Opay POS registration with your accurate information and upload the necessary documents online.
  • Step 6: Snap a photo of your workstation and post it.
  • Step 7: Send your application in for evaluation.

The pay team will access your application after all of this is finished. Remember that they could accept or reject your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Opay Pos machine free?

Of course, there is no free thing; It is not free. The price ranges from N8500 to N50,000, depending on the type you want to get.

Does Opay pay their agent monthly?

Agents can make money daily from every transaction that they perform, and the money is automatically credited into their Opay account.

What are the benefits of the Opay POS machine?

Using the device has several advantages, including higher customer satisfaction, decreased cash handling, improved security, and improved sales.

How can I become a POS agent for Opay?

You must register on the website and submit the relevant papers to become an Opay Pos agent. Opay will provide you with training and assistance when your application is approved.

How Should I Operate an Opay Pos Device?

You must connect an Opay Pos device to the internet and adhere to the on-screen instructions to use it.

Conclusion: Opay offers a variety of digital financial services that make cashless transactions and other financial dealings safe, simple, and available. The devices are a cost-effective and practical choice for companies wishing to accept cashless payments.

Opay agents have access to a variety of digital financial services as well as an extra source of revenue. With the help of this article on how to get an Opay Pos, I trust you now fully understand how to get an Opay Pos device, as well as its cost and associated fees.


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