How to Get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV: Are you tired of watching your favorite anime on a small screen and looking for ways to get Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV? If you are, this article is perfect for you. Crunchyroll has one of the largest anime collections in the world. It has anime in different genres, ranging from horror to romance.

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You just searched for the Crunchyroll app on your Samsung TV but couldn’t find it. That’s because Samsung discontinued the Crunchyroll app years ago. But you do not have to worry, as there are several workarounds to get Crunchyroll on your Samsung smart TV and enjoy watching anime on the big screen. This article will give you different easy methods to stream anime on your smart TV, so don’t go anywhere.

How to Get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

Owning a smart TV is like owning a whole entertainment platform. Owning a smart TV allows you to stream movies and listen to music through different applications. These days, Crunchyroll has become quite popular among anime lovers, but the big question is how you can get Crunchyroll on a smart TV. This article will discuss different methods to stream or watch anime on your Samsung Smart TV. So, without taking much of your time, let’s get started!

Stream Crunchyroll on Samsung TV Using a Streaming Device

One of the easiest ways to watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV is to use a streaming device, and there are different streaming devices available for you to choose from. For example, Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, and Apple TV

All you have to do is connect them to your smart TV’s HDMI port. With Chromecast, you can send Crunchyroll content to your Chromecast device using iOS or Android apps. While with Roku or Firestick, you just have to download CR in the channel store to get the Crunchyroll channel.

Stream Crunchyroll on Samsung TV Using a Cast or Screen Mirror

Another option is to cast the app from another device, like a tablet or smartphone, to your Samsung TV. Mobile devices that can be connected to a Samsung TV are the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Phone, and Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can cast from other devices like Roku or Chromecast too, but if you are trying this method, you don’t have one. To cast from a smartphone or tablet to a smart TV, you must check their compatibility; both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, your Samsung TV must be within the model range of 2018–2023.

Stream Crunchyroll on Samsung TV Using a Gaming Console

Gaming consoles also offer access to several streaming services. It is easy for you if you’ve got a gaming console at home, as you can easily stream Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV through it. The gaming consoles that support the Crunchyroll app include PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. To get the app on your gaming console, open the app store of your gaming console on your Samsung TV. Then search for the Crunchyroll app and install it. After doing that, log into your Crunchyroll account and start streaming your favorite anime content.

Stream Crunchyroll on Samsung TV Using HDMI Cable

Another effective way to stream Crunchyroll on your TV is to connect your laptop or computer to the TV using an HDMI cable. Streaming Crunchyroll is easy when you have a laptop, iPad, PC, and phone alongside your smart TV. With this method, you will not need extra hardware or software to watch your favorite anime on a larger screen.

Ensure your device and Samsung smart TV are compatible by checking for an HDMI connector. You can use a compatible cord to get the same results if you have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet without an HDMI port. To use this method, connect your laptop, iPad, desktop computer, or mobile device’s HDMI output port to the smart TV’s HDMI input port. Then select your device using the input button on your Samsung smart TV remote. After you have connected your device, you may need to adjust the display settings on your device. Go to the Crunchyroll app to start streaming.

Stream Crunchyroll on Samsung TV Using a Third-Party App

You can use third-party software to watch Crunchyroll on your TV. Web Video Caster is one of the applications available for download. Using this app allows you to stream your favorite anime from Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV by simply casting your web browser. You can install the web video caster through your device’s app store.

Once the app is installed, you can set it up by following the on-screen instructions. Then you can watch the app on your TV. While apps like Web Video Caster may provide a way to watch Crunchyroll on your smart TV, they are not officially supported by Samsung and may not offer the same level of reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect my iPhone to my Samsung TV?

To stream this platform’s service on your iPhone to a smart TV, you will need to enable Airplay on your Samsung TV, then launch the Crunchyroll app and select the Airplay icon. Select your Samsung TV.

Can I download the Crunchyroll app on my Samsung TV?

You cannot download the Crunchyroll app as it is not available on Samsung smart TVs. However, you can use some easy alternatives to stream your favorite anime on TV. These alternatives include a screen-sharing feature, streaming through a laptop using an HDMI cable, and using a streaming device.

Is there an app store on Samsung TV?

Smart Hub replaces the app store on Samsung smart TVs, where you can download thousands of applications compatible with the TV.

Why is Crunchyroll not on Samsung TV?

Crunchyroll is no longer on Samsung smart TVs because it no longer supports the platform. But there are different ways to access your Samsung smart TV.

Why is Crunchyroll not working on my Samsung TV?

There are a few reasons why it isn’t working on your TV, such as issues with the server, poor internet connection, firewall settings, VPN settings, and ad block interferences.


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