How to get Facebook Marketplace on Facebook

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Wondering How to get Facebook marketplace on Facebook on your account? Then you’ve come into the right article, as I will be sharing some factors that determine if the marketplace on Facebook appears on your account or not. 

How to get Facebook Marketplace on Facebook

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If you want to get or find the Facebook Marketplace on Facebook when it disappears, then you have to pay attention and then read on. It is no surprise that the marketplace disappears from your account mostly if you’re underage or Facebook took off due to an offense committed.

How to get Facebook Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook marketplace is a very popular feature that has been built into Facebook to make buying and selling within the platform easy and fast. It can be accessed directly from within Facebook via the Facebook website and apps. It is simple to access.

However, the Facebook marketplace is yet made available worldwide so it is recently in some parts of the world that Facebook is access to. To use the Marketplace, a user must be 18 years and above and the account must an old one.

While Marketplace on Facebook can be accessed and found via the app and website, it can sometimes disappear completely due to technical problems or a restriction that has been placed on the account. 

Why Facebook Marketplace is Missing

As I said earlier, there are some factors or reasons that could cause the marketplace from disappearing from your account. Here are some reasons why the Facebook Marketplace icon is missing from your account;

  • You are under 18: this is actually one of the major reasons that even if the marketplace is available in your region, you must be 18 and above to use it.
  • Your home region is not supported.
  • If you’re based in an unavailable country.
  • The device you’re using might not be supported.
  • Facebook account is still very new and inactive.
  • Your access to the Facebook marketplace has been revoked: this can occur when you go against the policies or standards of Facebook Marketplace.

The above is some of the reasons why the Facebook marketplace might not be showing your account.

How to Get Marketplace on Facebook

There are some things that you can do if the Facebook marketplace is not showing even after logging into your account. You can get marketplace on Facebook by;

  • Log out of your account from the Facebook website or app and then login again.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Head on to Change your home country to the one that is supported by Facebook Marketplace.
  • If the account is new, make sure to use it on a daily, comment on posts, upload posts, and also add new friends. This way, Facebook will be able to detect that the account is real and not fake, and you will be granted permission to use the marketplace.
  • Try to visit the Facebook Marketplace site directly on your browser.

Do the above to get Facebook Marketplace on Facebook.


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