How to get free Advertising on Facebook? Most users on the platform still don’t know that it can be used for promoting businesses for free. If you are a small business owner make sure to bring your business to Facebook because can help grow the business. The platform has so many tools to help build the business. If you have a solid account on the platform, you can engage with the business’s potential customers.


How to Get Free Advertising on Facebook

You can create an advert on the platform to promote the product or business, Facebook offers free advertising on the platform. If you don’t have the funds to do paid advertising, you can learn how to get free advertising on Facebook. Read on to find out how to do that.

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How to Get Free Advertising on Facebook 

Getting a free Ad on Facebook is really simple and comes free. But a lot of work would need to keep in place. To advertise on Facebook, you would need to have a Facebook account that is very active. Free advertising involves having a Facebook business page. Having a business page on the platform helps to legitimize the business in the eyes of the customers. Getting free advertising on Facebook involves your time and devotion, as you have to be very active and post interesting content regularly.

Free Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be done in different ways, paid or free. Both are very efficient, but the choice is yours. And how doesn’t love free things, that’s why Facebook offers users the ability to advertise for free on the platform. Below are the guidelines to follow to get free advertising on the platform;

Create a Business Page on Facebook

If you wish to have a very solid and professional presence on Facebook, you would need to create a separate business page. A Facebook page is similar to a regular profile but it is for businesses and brands. On pages, the users must like a post to enable them from seeing future posts on the page. When creating a page make it stunning and full of interesting, motivational or fun content. To create a page follow the steps below;

  • Log in to your personal Facebook account.
  • Hit on Create a page.
  • Choose the Correct category of the page you want to create.
  • Type in your basic business information.
  • Claim a URL for the site or page.
  • Add a very appealing profile and cover image.
  • Complete the About section of the page.
  • Then describe the page story.

Once the page has been created and customized, invite people to like the page. Get fans to like the page by sharing the major benefits of your products. Target the right audience for the business on Facebook.

Post on your page Regularly

To get free advertising of your business or product on Facebook, you more than just create the page you also need to be online and post nice content regularly, minimum post in a day should be one. Posting regularly is important but the kind of content you post is more important. Know what your customers like to see whenever they come to your page. You can poll to ask the customers what they like the most or best.

Promote the Page

Once you have gotten a loyal and trusted customer base through your posts, promote the page by pinning a promotion at the top of the page; add a call to action feature on your posts or page.

Engage With Your Followers

As a business owner on Facebook, you should interact with your customers or followers by responding to questions, concerns, and comments on your posts. Get to the customers you have by setting up polls and also responding to each review from customers or clients.

Leverage the Friends of Your Fans

On social media, people are most likely to engage in something if they notice a friend has used it or done it. Tag your customers when interacting with them and ask them to tag a friend, the friends will see the posts on their newsfeed and they will eventually like and start to interact with you on the business.

Before advertising on Facebook, here are some of the advantages you should have of the platform you want to use to get free advertising:

  • Free: Having a Facebook business page is absolutely free and also free to post or share content.
  • Promote the products and services that you are offering or rendering.
  • Interact and stay very relevant.

Creating and setting up a Facebook page doesn’t take much of your time but once it has been created, you are expected to spend one to two hours on the platform per week if you want your business to be successful on Facebook.

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