“How to Get Free Beats”, what do you think this is all about or what this writeup has to say about beats. Are you a music producer or an artist that wants to try his or her flows on beats and you are looking for beats to use.

Well, that should not be a problem for you anymore because I have written this article mainly for those that are looking for beats for one thing or the other. There is so much you can learn from the article as you read on.

How to Get Free Beats

How to Get Free Beats

As we all know, there are lots of beats online that you can download and listen to. We have rap beats, hip-hop beats, and also trap beats. Do you know that there is a website called freebeats, this is a website where you will be able to find free beats to listen to on the site without paying for anything.

Freebeats as a website for up-and-coming rappers, not just rappers also singers, and content creators that are seeking beats and instrumentals for their projects. The URL of the site is www.freebeats.io but there are other websites where you can download beats from.

There are websites like beatstars.com, sfrbeats.com, freemusicarchive.org, soundcloud.com, and more. You can visit any of these sites to download your free beats online. On the freebeats website, there are lots of categories of beats you can download, and there is a list of the categories.

New Beats

If you are looking for new brands of beats to listen to, you can get them here in this category. Once you visit the site, you will find all the categories of beats on the site. You are free to listen to anyone you want to listen to.

The new beat category is a very nice collection of new sets of beats that are newly released on the site. There are over thousands of beats, this category of beats contains all the categories on the site. Like Hip-Hop, Rap, and trap beats.

Rap Beats

These are beats that are only classified under rap. It is very possible for you to see rap songs beats that you know of before. You are free to use any of the rap beats on the site for your own personal projects.

When I mention rap betas it is not mainly for rappers, it is can also for content creators also. They can be used for video editing, songs, podcasts. Rap beats do not contain any other beats instrumental like hip-hop or trap, just basically on rap only.

Hip-Hop Beats

Now over to hip-hop beats. These are beats different from that of rap. Those of us that want to go into hip hop songs can get your beat from the hip hop beats category only by visiting the site and clicking on the hip hop option. All these beats can also be used in YouTube video editing using it as the background music or track.

Trap Beats

This is the last beat category on free beats website. Looking for trap beats to listen to or to download you can find them here also. There are hard trap beats that you will find so interesting to listen to for free, that is why it is called freebeats.

You can also find other beats options only when you scroll down the homepage of the site. We have other beats like R&B beats and club beats also. If you are looking forward to downloading any of the beats, this is what you do.

How To Download Free Beats Online

Downloading free beats, you can just access any of the websites that I have mentioned in the third paragraph of the article to download the beat that suits your taste. What I will be telling you now, is how you can get beats from freebeats website.

  • You can get free beats by visiting this website freebeats.io on your browser.
  • After you have entered the URL, you will be directed to the homepage of the site. On the homepage also, look up you will see all the categories of beats that I have explained in this article.
  • Click on the category of beats you want.
  • Now scroll down, you will see an option that says “Click to get this beat” quickly click on it to get or download the beat from the site.

These are the steps on how you can download beats from freebeats.io site.


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