How to Get Views on YouTube

Do you want to get views on YouTube? There is no doubt that a big chance is here for you. I know how painful it could get when you find that your YouTube views counts are critically low. And that is why I have brought up this article that can help you know how to grow and increase your views and audience. Let us get started!

How to Get Views on YouTube - Youtube Playlists

A lot of people out there do think that the views on their videos are the most relevant. If a YouTube should have over 2 million views, then that means the video is totally amazing and capturing.

Just like the strive of every other social media networking sites, YouTube wants its users and customers to spend more time on the platform so they can inform, notify and convince the advertisers, marketers, customers and other potential users that people do not just waste their time on the platform. YouTube consumes a large number of contents and YouTube will definitely reward you for designing creative contents and videos that can attract, compel and snatch the attention of more users on their platform.

How to Get Views on YouTube

  1. Encourage the existing viewers on the platform to subscribe – users who watch and enjoy your videos are a wonderful source of large views for the more contents and videos to come. Once they subscribe, they can select which way to receive alerts every time they subscribe. This will automatically bring views when a video is released.
  2. Ask your users and audience their opinion – a very surprising thing takes place when you ask them on their opinion of what kind of contents and videos you would like to see. When you do so, you give them the feeling that they are your priority.
  3. Make use of playlists in order to keep your viewers and fans watching.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist

  • Go to the video you want to add to the playlist.
  • Click on “Add to”.
  • Choose an existing playlist, or you could “Create a new playlist”.
  • Make a choice of the playlist’s privacy. But since you are in need of YouTube views, make it “Public”.
  • Click on “Create”.
  1. Focus on a position befitting for you and your videos.
  2. Create attractive titles and descriptions – before users can watch your videos, they have to find them first. When creating descriptions and title for your videos, create keywords can help your customers find your videos when they search through the search box.
  3. Use compelling and attractive thumbnail pictures.
  4. Understand how the YouTube views system works.
  5. Get social and friendly with your fans and viewers.
  6. Get more knowledge from YouTube analytics.
  7. Promote your videos through other social sites.
  8. Make use of the YouTube advertising platform.




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