Do you want to stream the United States Election 2020 on Facebook? If YES, keep reading below. A lot of people on the internet today or those using the Facebook platform don’t know how to go live on Facebook. Going live on Facebook is a really good way to increase interaction with your friends on the Facebook platform.

How to Go Live on Facebook

How to Go Live on Facebook

There are a whole lot of things that you can do just by going live on Facebook. If you have been on the Facebook platform long enough, you would know that video streaming has become really popular on this platform. This is even to the extent that Facebook created a whole section just to streams gaming videos and a separate section for Facebook videos.

What is Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a new feature on the Facebook platform that allows people to stream videos live. This feature employs the camera on your computer or mobile device to broadcast real-time videos to Facebook.

The live broadcasters on Facebook can decide who sees their videos and use this medium to engage their audiences. Facebook live videos are usually done on important occasions or moments. It can also be done to show a live event throughout the social media platform.

A lot of marketers n the Facebook platform are very excited about the launch of this video. You might be wondering why the marketers are happy, well it’s because they now have a fun and simple way to build brand stories, build authentic relationships and even interact with fans and followers in their day-to-day lives.

How to Go Live on Facebook to Stream the 2020 United States Election

If you know about the Facebook live videos and you want to go live on Facebook, then this section is for you. Follow the steps below to go live on Facebook.

That’s how to start your live video on amazing social media.

How to go Live on Facebook Groups

Going live on social media can be more fun when done in groups. If you think you don’t have enough friends or viewers that would watch your live videos, you can go make your videos in groups. The steps to making live videos on a group are very easy. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Open the Facebook application on your device.
  • Log in to the Facebook application using your Facebook account login details.
  • After logging in, you would be directed to the newsfeed on your Facebook account.
  • Now, go to the menu on the Facebook app.
  • Select “Groups” from the Facebook menu.
  • The list of Facebook groups you’ve joined would now be displayed to you. Select the group you want to do the live video on.
  • On the Facebook group, just below the text field that says “Write something…” you should see a video icon with the text “Live” beside it.
  • If you see it, that is the button you should click on.

After clicking, click on “Start Live Video”. You can also decide where to share the live video too. It could be either your timeline or story.

How to go Live on Facebook Page

Live videos can also be done as a Facebook page if only you are the admin of the page. Follow the steps below to make live videos as a page.

  • Open the Facebook page you want to go live on as the admin.
  • Just below the cover image, you should see a video icon with “Live” written beside it too. Click on it.
  • Select the method you want to use for streaming.
  • Give Facebook permission to record video and audio.
  • Click “Done”.

Your live video should be started already.

How to Watch the United States Election 2020 Live on Facebook

With the methods above, you should be able to successfully stream the United States 2020 Live election. However, if you would like to watch the election, find Facebook groups and pages that are likely to start a live video with the election streaming and join the group or follow the page respectively. This way, once they start a live video, you will be notified.


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