How to Hire React Native Developers for Your Next On-Demand App Idea in 2024. React Native developers are not as easy to hire as they seem. However, there are things you need to look out for before deciding on the developer to hire.

How to Hire React Native Developers for Your Next On-Demand App Idea

So, this post will show you the most important things to think about when looking for the best React Native developer.

How to Hire React Native Developers for Your Next On-Demand App Idea

Before going into the guide on how to hire a React Native developer, find out what React Native is about, its responsibilities, and its roles.

What is React Native? React Native is a JavaScript framework for making mobile apps that look and work like they were made for iOS and Android. With React Native, experts can build native views and access native-specific components using JavaScript.

But it speeds up mobile development and makes it easier to share code across iOS, Android, and the web without hurting the experience or quality of the apps for end users.

Roles and Responsibilities of React Native

Below are a few responsibilities and roles that React Native developers must deliver:

  • To increase the efficiency of a program closer to a native one
  • To find bugs and fix them.
  • Use native APIs for tight integration in all frameworks
  • To create automation checks to test the software
  • To create interchangeable front-end modules and repositories
  • Setup new user-facing functionality
  • To create high-quality programming from wireframes and prototypes
  • Build applications and websites that are highly sensitive.
  • To retain a well-understood code

These are the basic responsibilities of a React Native developer.

5 Easy Steps to Hire the Best React Native Developer

Do you plan to use React Native as a core technology for your application, but you don’t know how to find suitable developers that align with your business and project needs? If yes, please read on.

1: Choose the level of React Native Developers

You can select the level of developers by understanding your project’s requirements and aligning them to plan out a seamless development team. But whether you’re hiring React Native developers remotely or React Native app developers off-shore, these are the three main levels, based on their skills and experience, of hiring developers: Junior developer, mid-level developer, and senior developer

If you’re in search of an adept practitioner and a good instructor, senior developers are worth their weight in gold.

2:Check Portfolio

You need to check the developer’s portfolio before making a decision. A developer’s portfolio is just a collection of materials that show how qualified, knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, and trained they are in React Native. The portfolio simply provides insight into their personality and work ethic.

In some fields, a developer’s portfolio is more useful than a simple resume to show off their skills and experience. This is especially true for web development projects in React Native. A perfect React Native developer’s portfolio should also have a paragraph with a statement of originality, work philosophy, career goals, resume, professional accomplishments, and major skill set areas that would be important in the native app development process.

3: Check the experience

For you to hire the best React Native developer, you will need to check the developer’s working experience. Thus, ensure the potential developer is emphasizing past projects and work related to React Native. As an interviewer, you will have to identify the skills they have gained through their past experiences and how they will leverage them in your current project.

4: Check the skillset of the React Native developers

Apart from checking the portfolio and experience, you will also need to look out for a range of other skill sets to make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit for your project. Below are skills you will need to look out for when hiring a React Native developer.

Hard skills

  • Active participation in project discussions
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Sharing ideas leads to effective solutions.
  • Native app development skills
  • Able to build an effective team workflow.
  • Delivering continuous integration
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Ability to integrate frameworks and libraries into React Native apps

Soft skills

Developers should have soft skills such as







The above skills vary among various levels of developers.

Don’t forget to check out the tools and technologies that developers are good at using.

In addition to skills and experience, the developer should be comfortable with the tools and web development technologies that will be used for the project. A good developer, on the other hand, should be well-versed in some of the react-native tools and technologies, such as:

  • Reactotron
  • Reduxsauce
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Bitrise
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • Sublime
  • Ignite CLI
  • Enzyme

How much does it cost to hire React Native

How much it costs to hire a React Native developer depends on where they live, their skills, their knowledge, and their experience in the business domain. Another factor that can affect the cost is the complexity and design of the React Native application.

Based on location, for instance,

In America, developer rates may vary from $100 to $150 per hour.

In Australia, it will cost about $60 to $90 per hour.

It will cost between $30 and $45 per hour in Russia.

In India, it will cost about $20–40 per hour.

3 Ways to Hire React Native Developers in 2024

The developers you choose depend on your goals, resources, and priorities. So to make a good choice, consider your top priorities: quality, price, communication, or time. Ways to hire React Native developers We’ve gone over the pros and cons of hiring React Native developers and the different ways to do so.

Hire in-house React Native engineers: The in-house team is always available and understands your company’s culture. It is an excellent choice if you already have a team and an office with enough space.

Hire freelance React Native developers: Freelancers are people who work on their own and are not tied to any company or organization. Thus, you can find experts with knowledge and experience according to your budget.

Hire a React Native development company: this is your best option if you want to quickly bring your application to market and are concerned about the quality and costs. But if you are planning a medium- or large-scale project, the best choice is to work with a specialized company that has a team of dedicated, native-speaking professionals who work together and take your goals into account.

How do I hire a good React Native developer?

You can visit the official Total website at to hire the top 3% of freelancing React Native developers. Toptal is a place where you can find the best React Native developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. But top companies and new businesses choose freelance Toptal React Native developers for their most important software projects.

How much does it cost to hire a React Native developer?

The project’s requirements and the developers’ experience are two of the many factors that affect how much you will need to pay a React Native developer. Also, a React Native developer makes an average of between $18 and $150 per hour.

How much should I charge for a React Native app?

You can charge from $15,000 to $300,000. The charge should be based on the project’s quality, experience, location, etc.

However, on a general note, the cost of react native mobile apps can range from $15,000 to $300,000. The overall cost of the application can vary according to the app’s complexity, feature list, total hours taken to write the code, the hourly rate of the developers, distribution platforms, etc.

Are React Native developers in demand?

Yes, they are in high demand. A lot of firms are actively looking for excellent React Native developers to complete their projects. This is because React is the most popular framework for making mobile apps that can interact with each other. So, with high demand, companies find it challenging to onboard React Native engineers.

What is the hourly rate for React Native?

The hourly rate for React Native development can vary widely depending on several factors, including the developer’s location, and experience level, here is a general overview of the hourly rates you might encounter:

  1. United States and Canada: Rates can range from $50 to $150 per hour, with more experienced developers and those in high-demand areas charging at the higher end of the scale.
  2. Western Europe: Hourly rates are generally in the range of $80 to $120. Countries like the UK, Germany, and France tend to have higher rates.
  3. Eastern Europe: Rates are typically lower than Western Europe but can still vary. Hourly rates might range from $30 to $70.
  4. Asia: Developers in countries like India, the Philippines, or other parts of Southeast Asia may charge rates in the range of $20 to $50 per hour.
  5. South America: Rates in South American countries can vary but are generally in the range of $25 to $60 per hour.

Remember, these are general estimates, and individual rates may differ. Highly skilled developers or those with a strong portfolio may charge more, and rates can also vary based on the specific requirements of your project.

Additionally, the rates may have changed since my last update, so it’s advisable to check with current sources or directly with developers or development agencies for the most up-to-date information. Keep in mind that while cost is an important factor, it’s also crucial to consider the developer’s expertise and the quality of their work when making a decision.


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