How to Make Baby Food, Every mother will love to know how to make her baby food. Making your own baby food will allow you to explore different varieties. Not like the already-made canned food that limits you to a particular food. However, when you make your baby food you spend less and make add more nutrients of your choice.

How to Make Baby Food

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Every child after the stage of weaning will be eager to take the food other members of the food are eating. At this stage, you will realize that your child is ready for solid meals.

At 6 months making your baby food is very simple, at least you are tasting out what the baby would really like to take at a time. Some children may accept to take cereal or pureed baby food while some will not. Any of the versions of baby food you decide on is your choice. You can start your baby with cereal or a puree from fruit, mashed fruit, vegetables, and even meat.

How to Make Baby Food

You can make your baby out of many ingredients in your house, these are very simple ones and it’s with ingredients in your house.  You can make baby food from sweet potatoes, beans, bananas, peas, and carrots or mix it with other ingredients like milk, soya bean milk, pineapple, peach, mango, etc.

However, to make baby food you must consider the age of the child. Baby from 4-6 months is new eaters, they may only take from 1-12  teaspoons of food. Consider food allergies, especially food with allergens such as fish, peanuts, beans, eggs, etc. There are different types of baby food let’s see them

How to Prepare Baby Food

There are different ways to prepare baby food, from processed food to how to make baby food at home. In preparing your baby’s food you must make it yummy so that the baby will enjoy the meal. Let’s see some baby food

How to make Baby Food Puree

You can make baby food Puree from bananas, peas, and Avocados. These are food that is very high in vitamins A, C, iron, Protein and Calcium, potassium, and Fiber. Your baby will enjoy these meals especially if you add them up with breast milk or steamed milk for children.


To prepare baby food Puree use these steps

  • Get your pea, banana, or avocado
  • Get a blender ready, and wash your fruit properly
  • Cut them into small cubes sizes
  • Place a steamer inside a saucepan filled with water and steam for about 5-10 minutes
  • Remove and turn into the blender or food processor and blend until the puree turns creamy
  • Check out for lumps, and remove any found
  • Turn it into a serving plate, and add milk to give it a good taste.

Very easy, your baby’s food is ready to serve, if your baby cannot finish the food you can spread it on an ice cube tray. Cover it with a plastic film and let it be frozen, in the refrigerator always bring it out and heat it up in the microwave before serving. Check more recipes at

How to Make Baby Food Sweet Potatoes

If you are thinking of how to make baby food at home, baby food sweet potatoes can be very easy to make. You can mash the sweet potato after cooking it very softly or blend the soft-cooked potatoes. Whichever method you prefer it’s still better for a baby from 6-8 months and beyond. Most times the sweet potato can be mixed with fish, and carrots to make up a delicious meal combination.

Sweet Potatoes are rich in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants for your baby. You can make a puree out of sweet potato mix with baby’s milk making your baby food sweet.

Using Cereals and Grains in Making Baby Food

You can use cereals and grains to prepare baby food. Cereals and grains are good sources of zinc and Iron. You can make cereals out of rice, barley, oats, wheat, quinoa, or multiple grains.

You can choose to gather grains like millet, wheat, corn, and rice to prepare your baby food from scratch. Blend the grains with your washed blender, and sieve to remove the unwanted fibers. You may steam it into puree or cook in low heat and keep stirring until good cook. Add milk to spice it up for your baby.

In preparing baby food, mothers need to be creative. Search out a recipe that you feel is convenient for your baby.


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