How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria – Genuine Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

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The life of a student no doubt can be difficult. As a matter of a fact, there are several reasons you might want to make money online. This is why we will be discussing today on the topic “How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria”. There are several ways you can make money online today as a Nigerian student. After all, earning a little extra money to your allowance is not a bad thing at all. Also, you should know that when done right making money as a student in Nigeria could even help cover your academic bills. Most people do not believe it but there are genuine ways to make money and excel in your academics for students in Nigeria.

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

Today, the world has taken an amazing turn and has gone online. This makes the internet one of the easiest ways to make money online. Working online puts you in control of most factors that disturbs work. Since you are going to work online, you have control over certain factors like place and time.

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The truth is that you do not need to have to wake up early to dress up and go to some office or store to begin the business of the day. You could even work in bed. The mobility of working online is just amazing. Now, making a choice to work online is just the choice, you have to find out which online job you are interested in and get started.

Online Jobs To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

There are several online jobs you can undertake today to make money as a student in Nigeria. Below, we will be listing a few of them so you should stay connected to this article.


According to, there are a lot of platforms and individuals looking for freelancers online. Some of the freelancing platforms to get started with are Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and People Per Hour. There are several other platforms as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one amazing way to make money online. Basically, you do not need to have a product or service to sell in order to begin affiliate marketing. The basics is that you refer people to online buying and selling sites and you get a commission when the people you refer buys something. You can get started with platforms like eBay, Amazon, Jumia and so on. It would be more lucrative if you had your own blog.

Ecommerce Website

Using eCommerce website is similar to affiliate marketing. In this case, however, you need to have your own products of which you will be listing for sale. Some eCommerce sites to get started with are Yudala, Konga and Jumia. Dropshipping is also another amazing way to go.

Virtual Tutoring

This is an amazing way to make money as a student in Nigeria. This job is all about teaching people or individuals online who are ready to pay the skills or knowledge you have acquired. A good platform to get started with that is Tutors NG.

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Physical Jobs to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

Now that we have discussed to an amount on how to make money as a student in Nigeria online, its high time we talk about making money through physical jobs. Just like working online has advantages, doing physical jobs also has advantages. Though the mobility is not there but it can be negotiated. Working at a physical store puts you in a position to create working hours and this is really good for some students.

  • Photography.
  • Selling of clothes.
  • Sewing clothes.
  • Helping other students with projects.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Barbing.
  • Graphic design/website development.
  • Ushering.
  • Do tutorials.
  • Do company supplies.
  • Go to shows and get paid if you are good at singing or dancing.
  • Repairing electronics is a good skill to get cash in school.
  • Paint and sell them out.
  • Selling second-hand course books to freshers.
  • Writing stories, publishing and selling.

Above are listed some physical jobs to do to make money as a student in Nigeria. They are some really cool ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. With these jobs, earning is guaranteed. However, you have to put in your personal effort otherwise it might prove frustrating.

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