How to Open a GTBank Account: You no longer need to leave your home to create a bank account, thanks to new advances and technology. To open an account at the bank, you don’t have to wait in a long line.

How to Open a GTBank Account
How to Open a GTBank Account

How to Open a GTBank Account

Continue reading our tutorial we made specifically for you if you still don’t know how to open a GTB account online.

Requirements for Opening an Online GTBank Account

From your phone, opening a bank account is quick and simple. To open a bank account, all the bank requires from you are a few basic pieces of information. But first, a few requirements:

  • A Form of Identification: In opening an account, they will normally ask for a national ID card. This could be your national passport or card, a valid driver’s license, or even a voter’s registration card.
  • Proof of Address: This is usually in the form of a utility bill that bears an address that corresponds to one you would like to use as your contact address with GTBank. The utility bill should not be more than 3 months old. For example, your bill from the water corporation is a PHCN bill.
  • Two referees: this depends on the type of account that you want to open. For a savings account, you do not need any references, but for a company or current account, you would need two references in addition to the first two requirements.

How to Open a GTBank Account

Significantly, one of the main commercial banks in Nigeria is GTBank. In addition, the bank was privately held and converted to a limited liability corporation in 1990. However, it is one of the greatest Nigerian banks, has a strong reputation for reliability, and has earned several recognition awards. There are therefore several ways to reach us. Feel free to open and keep a bank account with them, since there are advantages to doing so.

The kind of documents needed depends on the kind of account you wish to create. To open any of these accounts. You must first fill out the necessary information on the GTBank online account establishing page. Approximately five minutes will pass.

Make sure you choose the type of account you wish to open before continuing. To avoid any issues, the data you submit must also be correct. Here is a quick tutorial for signing up for a GTBank account online. You may carry out this action immediately on a computer or a smartphone.

  • Step 1: Visit You are strongly encouraged to read everything about the various accounts, required minimum balances, and regulations on this website.
  • Step 2: Visit the account opening web engine.
  • Step 3: After you enter the account opening web engine, you will see two options: Now create a personal account. Open a company account right now.
  • Step 4: Select an option by clicking. Let’s establish a personal GTBank account as an illustration. The orange button will take us to a different website if we click it.
  • Step 5: This time, you have two choices to make: activate a new account or create a second account.
  • Step 6: You may add more information to the application form by selecting the type of account you want to create with Guaranty Trust Bank, and the website will immediately update the form.
  • Step 7: At this point, BVN validation is required. To proceed, choose the account type, input your BVN code if you have it, or type 0 if you don’t, and then click “Validate.”
  • Step 8: At this point, you should add extra identifying information to your application, including your complete name, cell phone number, and email address. To continue with the online GTBank account opening process, click the “Continue” option.

The final step is pretty much it. You will be successful in creating your online account and adding the necessary minimum amount.

How to Open a GTBank Account Without BVN

Independence is opening a bank account. However, creating an account can occasionally be difficult, particularly if you lack a bank verification number (BVN). Most banks in Nigeria require the BVN, a special identification number, to create an account.

You can still establish an account with GTBank even if you don’t have a BVN. We will walk you through the procedure of creating a GTBank account without a BVN in the steps listed below:

  • Go to a GTBank location: You must go to a GTBank branch close to you to open an account without a BVN. Ask for the account opening form there, fill it out with your personal information, and submit it. As this information will be used to confirm your identity, please be sure to submit accurate information.
  • Present a reliable ID: You will need to present a legitimate form of identification to create a GTBank account. This might be a national ID card, a passport from another country, or a driver’s license. This information will be used by the bank to confirm your identification and determine whether you are qualified to create an account.
  • Provide a passport photo: To finish the account opening procedure, a passport photo will also be required. This image will serve as the basis for your account profile and be linked to your account information.
  • Put down an Initial Deposit: You must make a first deposit to activate your account. Depending on the kind of account you’re starting, the amount needed may change, but it’s often not much. Your account will be authorized as soon as the deposit is made, and you may then use it right away.

You will receive your account number after your account has been activated. You will require this particular number to conduct transactions because it is used to uniquely identify your account.

Types of GTbank Online Account Opening

The GTBank Account Opening Web Engine allows users to establish a variety of accounts. Below are the types of GTbank account openings:

  • Current Account.
  • Savings Account.
  • SKS teens account.
  • Smart kids save.
  • GTmax
  • GTcrea8 Esavers account.

Conclusion: Without heading to the bank, you can complete any of the steps mentioned above to acquire your account number. But you might not be able to withdraw money from that account until you go to the bank to request a debit card.

With your GTB account, you can do a lot. Once your account has been opened, you may use it to make a variety of purchases, including airtime and utility payments.


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