How To Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code To Unblock Your MTN SIM? This question has been trending on google since last week, due to the blocking of Sim cards of some MTN users in Nigeria.

How To Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code To Unblock Your MTN SIM

However, If you’re looking for the fastest way to unblock your SIM card? then you must read to the end. In this very post, you will discover tips on how to unplug your SIM using your PUK Number. PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Key.

How To  Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code To Unblock Your MTN SIM

Did your MTN Sim card get blocked by your network provider? There are countless security reasons why your SIM card could be blocked by your network provider, here are some of the reasons

Providing wrong PIN code multiple times

If you fake/guess a recharge card PIN repeatedly

Inability to Link your SIM with Your National Identity Number (NIN) etc.

The last reason is why most SIM cards are blocked recently. After it has been announced in 2021 that Nigerians should link their NIN to their account, some individuals turned deaf ears to It. Which is the reason why the Network provider (MTN) took action by blocking defaulters’ SIM cards.

However, if you find yourself in this very situation, don’t worry, with the tips and guidelines in this write-up you will successfully unblock your Sim card, using your PUK Code. Find out how to find your PUK Code in the section below;

How To Find Your PUK Code To Unblock Your Sim

Your PUK Number is usually located on the SIM pack housing your SIM. The pack contain your unique Personal Unblocking Key to help in reactivating your SIM when locked.

The quest here is, what if you were unable to access this pack or perhaps, you’ve misplaced it, How then do you retrieve your PUK number?

Retrieving Your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) and resetting your PIN

If you can’t lay your hands on your MTN SIM pack, the next thing to do is to contact your network provider. Yes! Contacting your network provider is the only and most reliable solution.   The customer care team will walk you through by asking a few questions to aid them to run necessary validations before finally unblocking your SIM for you.

So to recover your MTN PUK number, dial the various MTN Customer Care lines depending on your preference

How To Contact MTN Customer Care To Retrieve Your Personal Unblocking Key

180 is the most dialled MTN customer care Number. This phone number is used when you are dialling directly from your mobile phone.

However, there is a different phone number for those calling from another mobile device.

Take note; if you are calling from outside Nigeria, the addition of +234 (Nigeria’s dialling code) is very important. To get the correct customer care number visit

After you place a call across to the customer care, kindly provide the customer care representative answers to the questions asked to ascertain you’re the authorized owner of the locked MTN SIM.

How To Get MTN PUK Via MTN Mobile App

You can also get their PUK through the MyMTN mobile app on Android and iOS. This mobile app has a wide range of features and functionalities that helps users control their MTN tariffs, data bundles, profiles and more.

However, to use this mobile app, you will need to grant it access to your device, an OTP would further be sent to your MTN number for verification. After that, you will be able to find your MTN SIM PUK number.


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