Hello and welcome to this tutorial dedicated to cryptocurrency storage. Also called wallets, they act as bank accounts, having a balance and record transactions. Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet, it is not possible to send a currency to a wallet that does not correspond to it. If this happened, then the funds would be lost. For example, you absolutely should not send Ether to a Bitcoin wallet.

How to Secure and Store your Cryptocurrencies?
How to Secure and Store your Cryptocurrencies?

Each wallet is different and has its own characteristics, but it is difficult to make a global tutorial as each wallet has its own characteristics. So we will give you some useful tips on how to save your crypto coins.

Tips to secure your cryptocurrencies

Here you will find tips that will allow you to optimally secure your cryptocurrency investments.

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A single email for exchanges

Open a new single email account for exchanges. Indeed, if you use an email address that you also use on other sites, you may receive spam and attempted fraud (phishing). It is also advisable to use a different password for each platform, this will significantly reduce the risk of hacking.

Tip: you can check if your email address has already been compromised to this address: HaveIBeenPwned.com

Use complex passwords

Make sure you have a relatively complex password, do not necessarily try to remember it, write it down somewhere and do not save it on your PC.

Tip: You can test your passwords at this address HowSecureIsMyPassword.net

Here is a password manager considered reliable: Dashlane.com (it will allow you to group your passwords in one place in a secure way).

You can also type your password with a virtual keyboard to reduce the risks associated with keyloggers.

Always check the links to the sites before logging in

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must check letter by letter each link you connect to. There are many scams and it is relatively simple for a hacker to redirect you to a fake site that looks like line for line to the original and on which it could steal your login ID and password. You should also not click on links in emails, social networks or chat platforms. Use safe sites for exchanging your earnings, for instance to do a quickswap exchange.

Always activate double authentication

By SMS or with Google Authenticator. Remember to note your double authentication recovery key otherwise you could see your account permanently blocked if you lose or break your phone. The code from Google Authenticator is based on the time of your machines, make sure they are synchronized. If you enter your code but it does not work, do not try again immediately, let a few minutes pass.

You never communicate your private key

Would you give your credit card and code to someone? No, well, it’s the same. Absolutely no one other than you will need your private key, there is NO exception to this rule.

In order to be sure not to destroy your private keys for Ledger or TREZOR, you can opt for the solution proposed by Cryptosteel. This tool will allow you to save your various backup words (Seed Phrase) necessary to access your TREZOR or Ledger wallet in case of a problem. It is unbreakable, fire-resistant, waterproof, and sineless.

Nothing, or almost nothing, can alter or destroy it.


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