How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers
I guess you need this, How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers. Using the Facebook security helps you to safeguard your account from any unforeseen event. That is why Facebook has there Facebook security so you can always protect your account from being hacked by hackers.

How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

Why you need to Know How to secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

Nowadays people accounts are continuously hacked on Facebook. So Facebook tries all their possible best to ensure that your account is free from scam. If you want to protect your account you must make sure that you use your email and phone number as a form of protection. In case it is hacked you can use the number or email to retrieve your account back. We have several Facebook security tips for your account.

  • Confirm your mobile number; you must make sure your Facebook has your mobile number for security purpose cause if your password is forgotten. They can send you a new one for you to safeguard your account.
  • Know a scam; every Facebook users must make sure they don’t just click on any link shared to you on Facebook or any free airline tickets cause some of this link a scams.
  • Choose a unique password; each and every of our Facebook users to always make sure they use a password that cannot be easily detected. And also make sure they don’t use the same password with your email because that could be very risky also.

Steps you must follow to ensure that your Facebook account is secured.

How to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

  • You must limit the people that sees your post an d make sure only your friends sees your post and check you out on Facebook.
  •  make sure you control the people that can contact you on Facebook so that your number is saved on Facebook and some people you don’t know get to contact you, so it’s best that you control the people that can contact you on your Facebook.
  • You can also control the people that views your profile. This is only available for users because it secures your account. And also enables people that you don’t know not to get in contact with you and all this are considered as tips to safeguard your account.
  • You must also set up a login notification cause it will always give you alert that will allow you to know when your account has been logged in to an unknown device or computer.
  • And also make sure you log out from every device you use to login.

How to set Facebook Security Features

  • Go to the official webpage and sign in your Facebook username and password
  • Then you will have to click on the menu bar at the top right corner of the page. Then you click on the settings icon that states privacy then you make every detail you want to keep private.

With all this you will be able to How to secure your Facebook Account from Hackers so as not to allow your account from getting hacked.


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