Selling online has never been easier! You just have to know How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace to get your business to the right audience. When this marketplace was introduced in the year 2016, it was just like an online garage sale.

How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace - Facebook Marketplace | Sell Items on Facebook

But right now, millions of people from all over the world are trooping into this online market right within their Facebook apps and web version. In a few and easy steps, you are able to list out your items on sale. Stay right on this article!

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How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

Deciding where to sell your products could be challenging. But there is just no doubt there are so many online platforms that offer these services. The thing is, how do you get to know the right buy-and-sell platform to use? Today in this article, we are bringing to you the Facebook Marketplace.

This digital mart works just like other online marts, as you are able to buy and sell items. There is a large population of people who are currently on the use of this feature, which is from 85 countries in the world. Facebook users troop into this location to either sell their products or buy from others.

This is just a good step for business owners out there who seek to take their brand to the right audience. Whether you just want to sell out your personal old items or new items from your official brand, you need to know How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is the social media platform’s official online market. It exists right within the Facebook app on your smartphone or the Facebook web on PC. As long as you’ve got a Facebook account and the feature is available in your location, you are just good to go!

You may begin to wonder what you can buy and sell, right? Check out the categories of items that you can either buy or sell from this marketplace.

  • Vehicles.
  • Classifieds.
  • Housing.
  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Home and Garden.
  • Deals.
  • Hobbies.
  • Electronics.
  • Family.
  • Entertainment.

You are able to buy and sell products that fall into any of these categories. If you live within any of the 85 countries, you can list your items on sale right away. Still, on How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace, you should stay right on this article to find out the steps to help you do so.

Sell Items on Facebook

In simple and easy steps, you are able to list out your items on sale. Once you post your listing, other Facebook users will be able to find and view your listing. Interested buyers get to contact you on Facebook for a further bargain of the item. Let’s quickly check out the steps to help you list and sell your items within this online market on Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook app or log in to the web on
  • Using the app, tap on the icon that takes the shape of a store. You will find this at the top of your news feed.
  • On the web, click on “Marketplace”, which is on the left side of your news feed.
  • Once you get to the marketplace, tap on “Sell” or “Sell Something”.
  • Provide the item title, description, photos, and price.
  • Confirm the location of the item.
  • Add the item category.
  • Once you are done providing the details of the item, tap on “Post”. You could choose to post it to other locations apart from just the marketplace.

This will make the items visible to other users on Facebook. Interested buyers will reach you right on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Now you know How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace, what’s next? As a seller, there are certain rules you need to take note of. Let’s check them out.

  • You must be selling out a physical item.
  • Certain items are not allowed in the marketplace.
  • The orders must be shipped within 3 days and delivered to customers within 7 days.
  • There has to be constant communication between sellers and buyers.
  • Not all eCommerce platforms integrate with the marketplace.
  • The description you provided must match the item you are selling out.
  • Before and after images of products are not allowed.

These are the rules sellers have to abide by on Facebook.


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