Do you have stock photos that you wish to sell online and earn extra cash? Well, in this article, we’ll be learning How to Sell Photos Online and the apps to use. Of the truth, there are plenty of apps that can be used for selling photos online, but you, my audience deserve the best and that’s why I will be listing the best places to sell photos online.

How to Sell Photos Online: Places to Sell Photos Online

Being a photographer, you can actually sell your photos online and earn extra cash into your wallet. One thing is having the photos and another is where to sell them. As I said earlier, I’ve got you, so read on to find out to How to Sell Photos Online.

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How to Sell Photos Online

Selling stock photos online helps you to earn more money in your account. There are plenty of corporations that are need photographers or rather photos to use. So that means, photographers are in high demand both for small and medium businesses, large corporations.

Even bloggers, graphic designers,  also online marketers. These sets of individuals buy and use stock photos for their businesses regularly online. Well, you should know that you can also sell photos on your own website if you have any.

It is actually the number one place to sell your stock photos or images. There you can set your own prices, control is all yours, make or set your own terms and conditions for people to follow and You are totally and completely in control.

Types of Photos that are Best to be Sold

When it comes to buyers of stock photos, there you will have bloggers and owners of businesses both small and medium ones. Now, you should know that not every kind of photo is being purchased or sold online. There are kinds of photos that sell best and that’s what I will be sharing with you here. So what are the type of photos that people buy.

  • Travel: People buy images of different shots from around the world. It could be images of people hiking, touring, and others.
  • People: It could be kids, individuals from different races and cultures.
  • Food: Different kinds of delicious meals in a photo or separate images. Now, people even purchase images of just clean and unwashed dishes or plates.
  • Cities: Buildings in different cities, it could be people commuting, cityscapes, different activities happening in different cities.
  • Nature: This is one of the most purchased sets of photos. I mean nature never gets old, it is new every day. Nature is highly demanded. Nature images could be clouds, stars, streams, oceans, trees, others.

If you want to sell photos online, make sure that it has a story behind it. The image should a creative, eye-catching spark and also clear. Now, let’s move to the major reason for this article.

Places to Sell Photos Online

I mentioned earlier, that there are plenty of places you can sell your photos, but selecting the best one is very important. And that’s why I will be providing you with the best ones to use. There are plenty of sites or platform to use, including;


Shutterstock has been a great and popular place for buying images for years. Being a photographer, you can have extra cash by using Shutterstock. On the platform, your copyrights can be kept protected, so you have eth rights on all your photos.

Also, credits are given to owners or photographers of the images. Shutterstock helps you to market your brand and also protects your ownership on the platform because they give you an acknowledgment for an excellent job.

To become a seller on the platform, you need to become a contributor and start earning cash. One great advantage of Shutterstock is that it doesn’t force you to sell on their marketplace exclusively. So you can select two different places.

Isn’t that awesome? I mean, how platforms offer this privilege to contributors or users?. This is an awesome choice for you to use and sell your stock photos. To become a contributor and start selling today, use this link Here.

Adobe Stock

This platform was formerly known as Fotolia. It is a stock image platform or marketplace where you can sell your photos as a photographer. Adobe Stock has been in the market of stock photos for years and still one of the places to go to. The platform’s royalty is quite high, I mean higher than most of the platforms that you would come across.

You’re not forced to give the company rights exclusively to sell your images, so it’s all yours. And also just like Shutterstock, you can still sell on other platforms while using it. You can start today, using this link Here.

Getty Images

Getty Images is yet another great place to sell your photos. The site attracts brands and also publishers who are looking for good or high-quality images to license. It might not be as cool as most of the other platforms, but sure is a great place to sell your images. You can start today by going to the site and getting signed up using this link Here.


Alamy is yet another awesome place for you to sell your stock photos and there are no hard rules on the platform for sellers. Now, this platform might not be as popular as the two above or have many buyers, but it is a great platform to use. As a photographer, you can upload your images without licensing or issues relating to copyrights.

Alamy rates are quite competitive. It pays higher than most of the other platforms for selling your images. You can sign up Alamy today and start selling using this link Here.


Etsy is not a new name. Actually, it is a marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade goods. Though it is a place for goods, trust me, you can sell your stock images on the platform today. The platform has a great or larger audience base than most of the other platforms.

Using, Etsy, you can actually price your own images and you will have full control over how you wish to display the images to buyers. This is a great site to use for selling your professional stocks and you can start today using this link Here.


500px is a great place for selling your photos, but actually not just for stock photos, but also for a community-based place for photographers. In order words, you can follow other photographers, list your images on their own,  even participate in fun activities such as Photo Guest Competitions and earn prizes.

The place is loaded with great, creative images with a 60% payout for the photos that are exclusive and then 30% for non-exclusive ones. Start with 500px today using this link Here.


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