Do you know that receiving money from other countries is so difficult because most of the online platforms for sending money are limited to some countries mostly when it comes to Nigeria? The news that I have brought to you talks about How to Send Money from the USA to Nigeria Online.

How To Send Money from USA To Nigeria Online

Meanwhile, sending money from other countries like the one in the USA is easy but the problem is that how can the receiver get or withdraw the money. Well, you don’t have anything to be worried about because all that I will be talking about in this article is all about sending money from the USA to Nigeria and how Nigeria can withdraw it.


How To Send Money from the USA To Nigeria Online

Each day that passes by, people do send money from one country to another and when it comes to Nigeria it is somehow difficult. The difficulty is not the sending but the withdrawal like I have said before in the introduction paragraph. Most of the money transfer online platforms that are found in the USA are not active in Nigeria. I am reviewing this update is to make you experience an issue of withdrawal.

Speaking of sending money online talks about online sites where you can send and receive money online from other countries like the USA. Apart from the website, there are also apps that can be used. So, if you are having any family relation that lives in the USA and he or she wants to send money to you online and you are living in Nigeria. There are lots of apps and websites that he or she can use for the transfer. Quickly, let see a list of apps and websites that can be used in sending money to Nigeria from the USA.

Apps For Sending Money To Nigeria From The USA

Like I have said earlier, that there are lots of apps for sending money to Nigeria and also to other countries but focusing on Nigeria. If you are looking for any, here they are below;

  • PayPal.
  • Wirecash.
  • TransferWise.
  • Skrill.
  • Sendwave.
  • Azimo money transfer.
  • Remitly.
  • EazyBiz.
  • OPay.
  • Blockchain.

This is a list of some apps that can be used in sending money but I don’t know if all the apps that are listed here are active in Nigeria. For you to know, you need to try them out and most of all these money transfer apps do not support Nigeria. Now over to websites.

Money Transfer Websites

The same thing goes to one of the websites, we have so many websites for applying for money transfer just that I have mentioned on the list above. Let see through the sites that can be used in transferring money to other countries or places.

  • We have a western union in which the website URL is
  • Transferwise and the URL is
  • Another money transfer site is worldremit and the site is .com.
  • Mypaga, the site also is .com.
  • Another site for sending money is the finder. The URL is different from the rest, we have something like which will take you to their web page.
  • Currency transfer and it is .com.

Apart from all the sites that I have mentioned here, there is also another money transfer website that you can make use of but you have to register for an account with them first.

Send Money To Nigeria With Paypal – How To Send Money from the USA To Nigeria Online

What I want to discuss here is that sending or receiving money through Paypal is the best is not that I am rating Paypal over other platforms. Paypal is a money receiving and money sending app and website.

The website is, this app or website can be used worldwide and can be used to receive money from any part of the world. It is easy and fasts using PayPal and there is account registration requirement and verification of an account. Before calling this article to an end or closure, I want to show you how you can send money online.

How To Send Money Online

Sending money online is easy using any of the money transfer websites or apps. The following steps will tell you how you can send money online.

  • You have to visit any of the websites or download any of the money transfer apps that I have already told you guys about.
  • Now, you must choose the service you want and the amount you want to send or transfer.
  • Then you have to choose where you want to send or transfer the money to.
  • At this point, choose if you want to make the payment or transfer with a debit card or with ACH. And after that, you can now submit the transaction to complete the request.

You have to follow the steps above very correctly and carefully to avoid any errors. Thanks for your time, I hope you visit my site some other time for more information.


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