This article would give details on How to Start a Chat Session in Gmail. The Gmail session helps in conversation in group chat as well as direct messaging. It helps with business conversations, team chatting, sharing files, documents, and other important business-related notes.

How to Start a Chat Session in Gmail

Using Gmail helps manage your communication, stay connected, and collaborate in one place.

How to Start a Chat Session in Gmail

Google chat allows you to hold chat sessions with friends and groups either on an informal or formal basis. This is for more long-term conversations. Each space on google chat has its own name and remains available for people to leave and rejoin. It is used for work projects, and party planning. Follow these steps to start a chat session:

  • First, in the web browser, you go to your Gmail inbox and select the chat tab.
  • Secondly, you select a new chat.
  • Thirdly, you use the search bar to look for someone or scroll down to have a look through your contacts.
  • Then select group conversations to message multiple people.
  • Fourthly, after doing this, the chat window would open. And the person’s name would appear In your list of conversations at the left sidebar.
  • After doing that you type your message into the text field and press enter. if your contacts respond, their messages would show in the window. That would be similar to a text conversation.
  • Fifthly, you would find next to the text field, icons for formatting text, adding GIFs, and uploading files. For other options, you select the person’s name at the top of the chat window.
  • Open the conversation in a small window, so that you can continue chatting while using Gmail. You select open in the pop-up icon.

These steps are easy guides on starting a chat on Gmail.

How to Add Google Chat Extension – Google Chat in Gmail

The chat extension is a one-to-one messaging service. All users can freely send messages to each other. These are the steps in adding an extension to the chat extension:

  • First, you sign in to chat.
  • Second, you use any of these methods to install the app on your computer. If the app isn’t already installed, a pop-up window opens and allows you to download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do You Start a Chat via Email?

To start a chat on email. On your computer, you open Gmail and then see all settings. At the top of that, you click to chat and meet. Next to chat. To turn on or off in Gmail. You select Google Chat or off.

How Can I Activate Secret Chat?

To activate secret chat. You open the telegram, and then tap contacts and choose the person you want to create a secret chat with. After choosing, you tap on their icon and tap more. Then you hit start secret chat.

How Can I Find Hidden Chats?

First. You go to settings in line application and choose chats. Then after that, you go to the hidden chat list and click the edit option. From the edit option, you can choose the contacts you wish to unhide. Once unhidden, you would see them on your friend list.

Are Secret Chats Safe?

Secrets chats are safe because they use end-to-end encryption. This means only you and the receiver can read the messages. Nobody else can decipher them. Messages cannot be forwarded from secret chats.

How Long Does Secret Chat Last?

If a message is not read within 14 days, of being sent to someone. The message would disappear automatically from the chat.

How Can I Hide Chat Conversations?

To hide chat conversations, you open the chat app and tap chat. After doing that you tap the person’s name or group. At the top of the person’s name or group, you tap and hide conversations.


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