How To Stay Safe During This COVID-19 Outbreak – COVID-19 Symptoms


.Do you want to know how to stay safe during this COVID-19 outbreak? During the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone both individuals and health workers alike are taking preventive measures to keep themselves safe. Nothing should be taken away from the health workers who have taken their time. And have also put their selves at risk in order to fight this virus and eradicate this pandemic. I think we all owe them. If you don’t know, you should. It is now the job of everyone, not just the health workers to adhere to safety measures. So as to stop the spread of this virus and eradicating it once and for all. Here in this article, I will be telling you of the various measures on how to stay safe during this COVID-19 outbreak.

How To Stay Safe During This COVID-19 Outbreak

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How To Stay Safe During This COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. WHO in conjunction with other health bodies. And authorities all over the world are setting up various measures in order to contain this pandemic. If you are following your local and global news, you should have known by now that the virus is spreading at an alarming rate. Now it is not just the job of health bodies to contain this virus. It is now the job of everyone. You shouldn’t wait for the WHO (world health organization) or your local health body before you stay safe. Yes, it is their job description by right, but you can also join in this fight so as to make their work easier and efficient.

After much research. The world health organization has come up with various safety measures each and everyone should employ in order to stay safe during this period. You should have heard or read about these measures, but if you haven’t, you have nothing to be worried about. In a bit, I will be telling you of the various ways in which you can stay safe during this period but first, what are the symptoms of this deadly virus.

COVID-19 Symptoms

The symptoms of the COVID-19 virus are similar to that of fever. However, the common symptoms of this virus include, dry cough, fever, tiredness, and difficulty in breathing if the case is severe. For these symptoms to start developing in an infected person, it will take up to 14 days. Although this disease is fatal, about 80% of the affected persons worldwide have recovered from this virus. Older people are at risk of getting infected with this virus. Persons with pre-existing health issues may also be at risk of contracting this virus.

Steps To Staying Safe During The COVID-19 Outbreak

As I have mentioned already, the world health organization has put protective and safety measures to stay safe during this pandemic and they are;

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water. Or a hand sanitizer containing alcohol as this kills viruses in your hands.
  • Try maintaining social distances. This should be 1 meter between yourself and anybody coughing or sneezing. When people who are infected with this virus sneeze or cough, small droplets of liquids is sprayed from their mouths and nose which may contain the virus. When you are close to them, you may inhale these droplets and contract the disease.
  • Stop the practice of touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. Your hands may touch and pick up viruses and in turn transfer them to your eyes, mouth or nose and then enter your body.
  • If you feel like you have developed any of the symptoms above, contact and seek medical care immediately.

These are the safety measures to practice during this period. If possible, stay at home and self-isolate when you start developing the symptoms of this disease as you recover.

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