Does anyone know How to Stream Live on Telegram? It’s new and very hot! Telegram’s social media platform has hit one of its milestones. Telegram platform has recently upgraded its features to include new features of Live streaming just like other social media platforms.

How to Stream Live on Telegram - Telegram Launches Live Streaming Feature

The new livestream is part of its monthly updates. Users can now stream with an unlimited number of people to groups and channels. It’s cool and easy to use let’s see how to stream live on Telegram.

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How to Stream Live on Telegram

Telegram’s new live streaming feature is unique and makes the app stand out and more advanced in its services. Streaming live on any platform brings viewers and producers together sharing a common goal. Telegram’s new live streaming allows viewers to watch and also contribute to the conversation.

To this end, corporations can use this app for their annual meeting, and office online meetings with colleagues, and even family can use it for communication.


Telegram’s new live is an improvement on the previous update of a group video call The group video call was limited but now the audience is the unlimited only exception to the popularity of your channel or the Earth population as it is pleasing to you.

However, to start a live stream on Telegram channels or in a group that now supports unlimited viewers. Here is the simple step:

  • Launch open the Telegram app.
  • On the Telegram platform, to start the live streaming.
  • Click on the “Video Chat” (in Groups) or ‘Live Stream’ (in Channels) on the profile section of a group in which you are an administrator.

On the live stream, viewers are free to raise their hand and join your broadcast, that’s if you allow them to speak.

New Telegram Features

The new version 8.0 of Telegram is designed with many new fantastic features. This version 8.0 is a more improved version of the former. Users can do a lot using this version of Telegram. The new feature is as follows:

  • Flexible Forwarding – this feature is very easy to use, just relax and forward your message rather than typing. Just tap on the message button above the message widget and open the window. This step will show you how such messages will be when they are sent. It comes with other customization options. Also, you may wish to hide the sender’s name or caption on the messages. You can deselect messages that you do not want to send and change the recipient in case you click on the wrong chat.
  • Jump to Next Channel – this is one of the new features users to skip to the next channel on Telegram. Telegram users follow numerous channels on the platform to get updates on events, news, and other content.

However, to meet up with all the daily notifications from each channel you need to scroll through the channels you are following without going back to your chat list. At the bottom of a channel, just pull up to move to the next unread channel.

Telegram Live Streaming

Users just need to arrange a chat list with folders or archived chats and the app will follow the structure as you arrange them. This arrangement will allow users to read all messages without being distracted by Memes and others.

  • Trending Stickers – the feature comes with high-quality stickers that fit each situation. The trending stickers are seen as ‘Recently Used’ in your sticker panel. Click on ‘Add’ to save a pack for the future. The trending sticker is one of the frequently updated features on the Telegram app. Also, you can get sticker suggestions. To get a suggestion of a sticker, enter to get an emoji. To get more suggestions, go to the suggestion bar, type in a word in mind, and if you can find a sticker for it, type a word in the search space, to get a match from the sticker directory.
  • Unread comment counters – this is one of the recent updates. The app messages can now show a number of unread comments.
  • New Animated Emoji – additional animated emoji added to the previous ones on the app.

Telegram is really out to ensure that its app is fascinating exciting full of fun for users. Hence, the regular update looking forward to a new update soon.


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