How to Turn Off Email Notification on Facebook? Are you tired of getting your Facebook notifications through email? Most of us get so tired of this actually! You just do not want your email to get stuffed up with just every Facebook message, notification, and all of that. So, if you actually do want to stop this, note that you are not alone and so many people also want.

How to Turn Off Email Notification on Facebook - Facebook Notification Settings | Stop Facebook Notifications on Email

Just like so many Facebook users see it as an easier way to get notified, others see it as annoying. Perhaps, you actually liked it but suddenly became tired of it, there are easy ways to stop it. Let’s lookout for more details.

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How to Turn Off Email Notification on Facebook

Wondering the steps on How to Turn Off Email Notification on Facebook? Facebook gives its users the chance to stay in touch with friends, family, businesses, customers, updates, and more. Now, you can choose to receive your Facebook notifications through email or SMS, however, you still get notified right within the main Facebook app.

Here, you get notified when people post to Facebook, like and comment on your post, send you messages, and lots more. Some people actually turn on this feature in order for them to get notified without having to log in to Facebook.

However, some people really do not see it as convenient. With this, they would want to change these settings. We will be showing you every step right in this article.

How to Stop Facebook Notifications on Email

If you get your Facebook messages and all other Facebook notifications through your Gmail, there is no doubt that it could annoying and disturbing. Most people do feel that email inbox getting stuffed up with these notifications and messages. With this, it is absolutely possible for you to stop such notifications.

How can you do this? It is possible to do so through your main Facebook app. All you have to do is follow the steps you find in this article.

How to Stop Receiving Emails from Facebook

There are different means of getting notified of activities within your social app. While you also notifications through the normal Facebook app, you can also get notified outside the app too. However, you could choose to turn off every other form of notification medium.

One of these ways to get alerts and notifications is through your email. But, if you do not want this anymore, in simple and easy ways you can stop getting email notifications from this social media. Check the steps below to turn off this feature.

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Go to the “Settings” part of the app.
  • From the options on the page, tap on “Notifications”.
  • Select “Email”.
  • Here, you get to turn the toggle switch on or off.

This will help you stop getting Facebook messages and notifications through your email platforms. You just have to follow these steps and you are good to go. This applies to any email platform attached to your account.


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