If you have been in search of ways on How to Use Google Classroom, then you just have to check out this article, as you will get all the details that you need. We all know that Google never gets tired of providing its billions of users with real-time apps, services, and features for their convenience and smooth browsing.

How to Use Google Classroom


So, if you are just set for another smooth and easy experience, you simply have to check out this amazing feature brought to you by Google. What could this be? Google classroom! Google is also set to help make your learning experience smooth and easy.

How to Use Google Classroom

To get an amazing learning experience, knowing How to Use Google Classroom could just be the best decision you could ever make. To teachers and students who need easy learning management for your classroom, then you should consider the use of this feature. As Google explains this, the classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and just anyone with a Google account and Google Apps for Education Account.

This feature makes it so easy for teachers and students to connect with each other inside and outside of physical classrooms. This platform makes it so easy for you to store your files, teach and learn through paperless systems, and work with each other. Let’s get to know what you can do with this service.

How to Use Google Classroom Effectively

There are several different ways on How to Use Google Classroom. There are different features attached to the use of this free web service brought to you by Google. What can you do with Classroom service meant for anyone who wants a smooth learning experience? Let’s check out the features of this service.

  • Store classroom materials
  • Make announcements
  • Create and distribute assignments
  • Make use of the question feature
  • Access and grade the assignments of students
  • Integrate apps

As we get on, you should know how important this feature really is to both teachers and students. Let’s check out how you can set up this service.

Set Up Google Classroom

Setting up this free web service is absolutely free for just anyone who has got a Google Apps for Education account. To begin on this journey, you need to get this account first of all. From here, you will be able to make use of the classroom service brought to you.

How does this actually work? All you have to do is visit the official website of this free web service. From here, you will have to follow a few and easy steps, in order to create an online class. As the creator of the class, you are able to invite others to join the class, where you get to give announcements, distribute assignments, grade these assignments, and keep track of the students’ performance.

What else? Students are also able to join classes created by teachers too. Not just that! Parents are also able to be part of this service, as they can also find out their children are performing in school.

Google Classroom Login

If you have the Google Apps for Education account, then you are just set to make use of this service. Let’s check out the steps to create a class on this free web service.

  • On your web browser, visit this official website on https://classroom.google.com/
  • At the top of the homepage, tap on the “+” button
  • Select “Create Class”
  • Next, click on the small box on the page and “Continue”
  • Provide the class name, section, subject, and room
  • Click on “Create”

This will take you further on the processes on how to create a class. Students can also join the class by tapping on the “+” button and selecting “Join Class”.  Provide the class code, click on “Join”, and you are good to go.


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