Google Maps has now become an essential part of any travel trip. Nevertheless, it’s a GPS, business directory, and reviews platform all-in-one.

How to Use Google Map Trip Planner

But if you spend some time with it, you can integrate Google Maps even more seamlessly into your next vacation. Google Maps has a variety of features you can use to plan your trip and save any interesting spots you find on the way.

Here’s how to use Google Maps’ Places, My Maps, and other includes to plan your trip. Continue reading the blog carefully to attain positive results:

Use the Places Feature to Save Locations of Interest

Let’s say you’re on a trip and come to the cutest coffee shop you’ve ever seen. You want to visit but lack the time at the moment, how should you remember it? Google Maps’ Places feature will help you.

Both the Google Maps app and website allow you to save any location on the map to a list that you can access later.

  • Open Google Maps and click, tap, or search for the location that you want to save.
  • Find the Save icon, which has the icon of a bookmark. You’ll find it right under the location’s name, but you might need to swipe to find it in the mobile app.
  • Pick where you want to save the location. You’ve got three lists to start with — Favorites, Starred Places, and Want to Go — but you can make a new one by tapping New List.
  • Once you’ve saved the location, you can find it again by opening the list. In the mobile app, tap Saved at the bottom of the screen; on the website, click the three stacked lines in the top-left and then Your Places.

Tap on a location in your list to have the map jump straight to it.

Look at Google Reviews to Find the Best Shops

Almost all points of interest on Google Maps include a section for user reviews. These reviews may assist you decide which stops are worth seeing and which ones you can skip.

Utilize these steps to check out reviews:

  • Open Google Maps and find the location that might be interested in.
  • At the top of its information page click on the star rating and a number, showing how many people have left reviews.
  • Scroll down till you reach the Reviews section, and you’ll then find reviews from other users who have visited the location. They will include a star rating, a date, and then occasionally a picture.

Those are the possible steps needed.

How to Create a Trip Plan on Google Maps

Below is the step outline to create your map with the help of Google Maps.

Open Google Maps

Initially, you need to log in with your Google account to let Google Maps know the user profile you are using. Then, to create an untitled map you need to go to Saved > Maps > select the CREATE MAP option from the bottom of a pop-up window.

In this procedure, you will automatically get redirected to Google My Maps.

Add Location Pins

You can now add location markers or location pins in Google My Maps by clicking on the location name from the dropdown menu to find the exact address. Otherwise, you can add locations to lists by entering latitude and longitude from the Pin icon.

Google My Maps also offers you the option to add layers for several separate lists of locations to the same map by clicking on the Add Layer button.

Customize Pins by Changing Icons

After selecting the address, Google My Maps will then mark it with a green location pin. At this point, you can customize the pin by tapping the edit button (pencil icon).

Then, once you complete the location searches and click the Save button, the location marker will change its color based on category.

For example, you can color-code restaurants that are coming on your way.

Analyse your Customized Route Map

Next, you should review the route plan to double-check trip routes if multiple stops are added or not.

Also, make sure your route plan has the list of the best possible routes as per the desired time window.

In case you are okay to go ahead with a route plan, go to access the route directions from the left-hand corner of the page.

Access Driving Directions

Since you now have a travel plan, open the map on your preferred device and click the Get Directions arrow icon.

It will show both the navigation and the route details. You can get to your destination through the step-by-step driving directions layer offered by Google Maps.

Share it with your Travel Buddies

Traveling with someone? You may share your personalized Google map. Google My Maps additionally enables users to share route maps with their friends and acquaintances. So, if you have a lot of travelers, everyone is going to be updated at the same time, which makes it easier to get to their destination. To do so, select the share button from the choices menu.

So, now you know how to use Google My Maps using this step outline.


In conclusion, Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool for navigating and planning your trips. By using the Places feature, you may save locations of interest for future reference. By checking out Google Reviews, you can easily find the best shops and attractions to visit.

By creating a trip plan in Google My Maps, you can customize your route and easily access driving directions. With these tools and tips, you’ll be able to plan and enjoy your trips more efficiently and effectively. Happy travels!

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