How To Use Google Pay. Many may have known of Google Pay but how many really use this app for transactions? How many really know what it is all about? Google Pay is a mobile payment service app that works on the web, in-app, stores.

Its Account is a digital wallet platform. It is an online system too. The platform was created by Google as an in-app, system, that may be used online and in-person contactless when you are paying on mobile devices. With this, users may transfer cash payments on their phones, (Android, watches, or tablets).

How To Use Google Pay

How To Use Google Pay

To begin using this platform, you will have to set up Google Pay on your device. You must get sign in to your Google account mobile or via browser. However, Chrome assists to set up your information via its Autofill feature. That’s if you have your information on the Google Chrome website. The information can also be filled in manually while setting up.

You must set up your account for effective and reliable use. Follow these steps to set up your account.

  • Get to Google Pay app on your device. In some android phones and OS watches there are preloaded. But you can download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Once its install into your mobile phone, open the app and add your credit card or debit card details at “cards” widgets
  • If it is your first time, click on the “Get Started” button
  • Next, select a payment to mean to add, and upload a photo of your card or key in your information
  • You will receive a verification SMS or Email authentication

Once the setup step is complete you are free to tap on the app at any contactless payment terminal to create your payment. However, the process is almost the same as using an Android phone.

Simply open the app on your watch, the setup process that is connected will begin the same process with the Android phone. But here the verification SMS will demand you to set up a PIN lock or Pattern and PIN to lock your watch.


When using the app to do in-app purchases follow these instructions:

  • On the supported app let it open
  • May at Airbnb, or Uber
  • When you’re about to check out or at the time of purchase, search for the “Buy with Google Pay” button.
  • Tab on the “Google Pay” button
  • You’ll be required to choose the card you want to use, and affirm to the 3 digit security number
  • Then checkout.

With this, you don’t need to add your credit card and shipping address anytime you make a purchase.


It can be used in stores to make purchases as long as there is a contactless terminal there. To use Google Pay at stores, you’ll follow the instructions below:

  • At the store, find the Google Pay symbol or contactless payment terminal near the checkout or the payment symbol
  • Unlock your phone or open the app on your worn OS watch.
  • Get your phone over the terminal and hold on until you see the checkout or hear the transaction confirmation beep.

With this platform, you can unlock your Android phone to enable Google Pay to carry out authentication of your transaction. However, there are transactions that do not require you to unlock your phone. But there are some that you need to unlock, authenticate and even open the app to carry out the payment process.

On Websites

There are supported websites that you may make payments through with Google Pay. Here are the steps:

  • Use Google Pay in any browser
  • When you get to the checkout on the supported
  • Find Google pay purchase widget
  • You’ll see an option to choose the card you wish to use, then confirm the card 3-digit security number
  • You’ll see the checkout box “use selected info for future use on the site
  • Get it and set it as your default for payment

Next, all your info will appear automatically and fill up the blank space. These steps will guide you to use Google Pay on your website.

However, Apple Pay, wallets, Google Pay can be used to store passes, travel tickets, account cards in one place. At Airlines or train station operators support the features.

It can retrieve your account info automatically from relevant emails and load virtual member passes cards into the passes screen. Google Pay is compatible with all the latest android phones.


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